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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Mars soon reaching the end of its retrograde (can't be soon enough)

Mars has been retrograde since April 17.  Mars is the action planet of the zodiac. It rules our actions, drive, energy and passion, men, sex and even war. The 'red planet" speaks to and of the confidence of an individual and how they act out their lives.

Mars energy can be positive or destructive, depending on how it is used (and what it aspects in your personal chart). By looking at the sign your Mars is in an astrologer can determine how you act (and react) and in a woman's chart it describes the men in her life.

Retrograde Mars periods coincide with low energy, discouragement, tiredness and can be draining.  We can experience suppressed anger, secret intrigues, deception and lies, exhaustion, fraud, devious actions, inefficiency, and an increase in drugs or alcohol if those tendencies exist.

Sometimes, people need to back up, reassess, and slow down some for a time. I would advise people not to start important projects during this cycle if it can be avoided.

When Mars retrogrades people seem to accomplish more if they are in a crisis state. I have seen this with people born with a  retrograde Mars, or a Mars that goes retrograde by progression. 

Mars rules men, and sometimes men 'go retrograde.' Relationships can change during this time, slow down or take a different turn, one way or another. 

Retrograde planets become like a wild card, and the karma of the situation can play out at this time as well. Whenever you feel karma-or the final resolution of a situation is involved- retrograde planets are typically seem to be involved.

Mars has been moving at a crawl recently, creating havoc, as those who have experienced a difficult Mars transit during this period will attest to. There is a reason Mars is called the 'God of War,' and typically we all get a Mars transit or two most months. Generally, this is a day or two of frustration or agitation, but as Mars retrogrades and moves so slowly any Mars transit aspecting your personal chart becomes more significant not to mention more frustrating.

Mars reaches 23 degrees of Scorpio on June 18, where it will remain until July 11. This is the final degree before it turns stationary direct.

If this aspects any of your planets in a difficult angle you will experience a period of frustration and agitation and major events can occur if other factors in your chart indicate it.

If it makes a positive aspect, it can also be an indicator of major positive events depending on what and how it is aspecting your personal chart.

Mars turns stationary direct June 29-July 11. At this time, things can start to move forward again, and we may find that we have not accomplished as much as we hoped since April.

While Mars is stationary direct, it is not full steam ahead just yet. This is a significant period and we may see many things happen or change course once again. Mars will continue to increase its speed and it has a shadow direct period that lasts until August 21.

As a result of the retrograde this year, Mars will remain in only 2 signs-Scorpio and Sagittarius nine months out of the year, until September 28. At this point it will move into Capricorn.

 Since Mars will be in only two signs over this long cycle,  we will be concerned with ideas, concepts, justice and law, education, foreign affairs, people and travel while it is in Sagittarius.

When in Scorpio (now), the concerns will be around money, credit and taxes, other people's money, change and transformation, and to some extent sex and death if other significators in your chart point to this. But, death is not typical  and there would have to be other more serious transits, or it could be the death of a situation or idea as opposed to the literal term.

In April, 5 planets were retrograde which was very unusual. 

As Mars turns direct, situations will pick up, some of the frustrations will lift, and we will begin to move forward once again. Can't happen soon enough for most!

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