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Monday, June 13, 2016

Neptune retrogrades and the energy of the mutable t-square

Neptune turns stationary retrograde today at 12 degrees of Pisces, and this will increase the effects of the mutable t-square that will be with us all summer.

A t-square is a complicated aspect that involves the energies of all three planets involved-in this case, Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn.

Many people are disillusioned at this time, especially if this transit hits mutable planets in your personal natal chart.

In many cases people may feel confused, or under some kind of a delusion or depression. (Neptune)

In other cases people are seeing reality for what it is (Saturn) as the planet of reality clashes with the planet of illusion (Neptune).

Almost everyone is fighting a struggle of some kind on one level or another.

Our realities are dissolving, and the future is upon us, but (Neptune) we can not yet see the future clearly. During this time we must keep working (Saturn) to bring out goals and dreams into reality, and not let our minds be clouded by the vagueness and lack of clarity Neptune brings. Sometimes a leap of faith is needed, along with a dose of hard work, which can in the end bring results.

Neptune is the planet of illusion, delusion and confusion. While retrograde this can be a time of heightened psychic abilities and creativity. At the same time self doubt and paranoia can increase, and this is especially important if Neptune is aspecting a planet in your personal chart. If Neptune is currently aspecting something in your chart, then the mutable t-square is also hitting your chart, and if this is the case you are in a time of great change.

Add to this the energy of retrograde Mars as it slows to a crawl. The good news is that Mars turns direct June 29 at which time all things will pick up speed and start to move forward. Mars is moving slower now that it since this cycle began in April.

Over the weekend sadly we saw the horrific incident in Orlando, Fla., as a lone gunman killed or injured over 100 people at a nightclub.

Jupiter rules religion and so does Neptune, or that which poses under the cloak of religion, and is in fact convoluted, misguided and horrific ideology.

I stand with the victims lost and their families, and may they RIP and their lives not lost in vain. Life is fragile and may we appreciate every moment of it.

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