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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Mars turns direct and Venus opposes Pluto

Mars turns direct June 29,  at 7:38 PM, EST, having been retrograde since April 17.  Mars is the action planet of the zodiac. It rules our actions, drive, energy and passion, men, sex and even war. Within hours, Venus opposes Pluto, June 30.

This is powerful energy, and we will see major events in the world and you will see major events personally if either of these transits aspect your personal chart.

The energy of Mars powerful direct movement will amp up the energies of Venus-Pluto making it significant as well.

The stationary direct period of Mars coincides with major events in the world and in our personal lives. Mars turns direct forming an inconjunct to Uranus, which is a challenging aspect and certain situations may have to be redirected. (a perfect example is the call for a second referendum on the Brexit vote in the UK)

 The combination of Mars and Uranus can be explosive.
Mars remains at 23 degrees of Scorpio until July 12, when it forms an exact inconjunct with Uranus until July 17.

Venus rules love and money, (along with our social lives) and in Cancer is the most emotional of signs. Venus opposing Pluto is an obsessive transit indicative of issues concerning control, manipulation, jealousy and obsessiveness. You could feel that others are selfish or someone could try and convince you of something you don't want to hear. relationships in general can be a source of trouble and some Relationships may end. At its worst, this transit is seen in situations of domestic violence and abuse.

This is not the day to push difficult issues. Push and expect pushback from others.

As Venus sextiles Jupiter, this lends some planetary help to the aspect and at its best could represent some type of transformation. Try and tap in to the pleasant Venus-Jupiter energy.

Add to this mix, Mercury entering Cancer June 29, and Cancer is the most emotional of signs. Emotional issues can become volatile over the next few days.

Expect to see major events in the world that can include situations or losses in the financial markets, aggression, issues and/or violence toward women, sex scandals, and aggressive actions in the hot spots around the globe.
Retrograde Mars periods coincide with low energy, discouragement, tiredness and can be draining.  We can experience suppressed anger, secret intrigues, deception and lies, exhaustion, fraud, devious actions, inefficiency, and an increase in drugs or alcohol if those tendencies exist.
When Mars turns direct expect things to pick up, but you may have to go back and cover old ground that you were dealing with between January and early March when it was in Scorpio previously.

While Mars is stationary direct we may see many things happen or change course once again. Mars will continue to increase its speed and it has a shadow direct period that lasts until August 21, at which time things are back to normal.

As a result of the retrograde this year, Mars will remain in only 2 signs-Scorpio and Sagittarius nine months out of the year, until September 28, when it will move into Capricorn.

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