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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

October 2016:The Saturn-Neptune square: the end, finis, moving on

During October:

The Sun is in Libra-the sign ruling the 7th house of marriage and partnerships until October 22, when it enters Scorpio, the sign ruling the eighth house of sex, change and transformation and other people's money.

Venus is in the intense sign of Scorpio until the 18th when it enters the sign ruling ideas, Sagittarius. Love will take on a lighter and flightier tone.

Mars is in the sign of Capricorn all month.

Jupiter is in Libra.

Saturn will move from 11-14 degrees of Sagittarius.

Uranus will retrograde from 23-21 degrees of Aries

Neptune remains retrograde at 9 degrees of Pisces

Pluto moves from 14-15 degrees of Capricorn Having turned direct September 26, Plutonian energy is very powerful now, as it always is during its stationary direct period. If you have Cardinal planets-Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn at 13-16 degrees this energy will affect you, bringing major change into your life at this time. Things that have been hidden or in your subconscious mind tend to come to the surface now.

As we begin the month of October the good news is the powerful Neptune-Saturn square (and t-square) that has dominated the sky since fall of 2015 is starting to separate, and energies will shift again, and it can only be for the better. While all things serve a purpose this energy has been negative, confusing and depressing. Old realities and life situations in the world and in our personal lives have faded away and dissolved, but now will be the time to create a new vision and a new reality based on more solid footing as we move into the future.

This powerful mutable square, the last of which we experienced in the mid-1930's, (bringing Adolf Hitler to power) has brought change, chaos, confusion and uncertainty to our collective world and our own personal lives. For a while this spring/summer, Jupiter in Virgo was involved in the Saturn-Neptune square, making it a T-square (3 planets).

Now that the energy is shifting away from this we will be able to see the reality of many things and situations in our lives and in the world. While Saturn rules our structures, Neptune rules illusion, delusion and confusion and tends to dissolve things over time, hence the situations we have seen in the world. But, this energy will not immediately lift overnight. It has started to shift and by year's end there is a 10 degree orb, and this will be a thing of the past.

The US Presidential election stands out as one of the strangest and most convoluted in decades. We have seen a year  of scandals, deception, out and out lies, lack of clarity, and alleged lies that may or may not be correct. I have personally heard many statements that I know for a fact are not correct, and the Saturn-Neptune energy has not only been scandals, it has been mistruths and misconceptions.

One of the best examples of mistruths I experienced is when a friend told me Dearborn, MI was under sharia law.  If you click the link the story looks real doesn't it? I was shocked. But my newspaper background and common knowledge of the US Constitution kicked in about 30 seconds later and a quick look on Snopes told me this was yet another lie published on the internet. How many people actually believed this without checking the facts? It's imperative to check facts in the world and your personal life. You may be operating on the basis of half baked ideas and misconceptions otherwise.

The US election is only one area where convoluted energy has occurred, nor is Saturn-Neptune only about lies and misconceptions. Neptune is Pisces is very powerful and shows us large groups of disenfranchised people. The world has seen the mass exodus of Syrian refugees, the UK leaving the European Union, and general discontent in many sectors around the world, race issues, and many other problems.

We have seen the threat of terrorism the Saturn-Neptune square clearly spells out. As Neptune rules religion, ISIS has risen to the top terrorist group in the world, but there are many others such as Boco Harem. What these groups practice is murder and mayhem cloaked in the guise of religion and ideology (Neptune). This ugly transit has brought about a great increase worldwide in suicide bombings and massacres of all types.

We have seen water problems (Neptune rules water) with the problem in Flint, Michigan. Weather patterns are changing and we have seen substantial storms and flooding this year.

We have seen protests, police shootings that have taken front and center, police killings, and the great racial divide much like the 1960's has raised its ugly head once again.

And then, there are the computer hackings, too many to name. As this blog is written, new outlets are reporting Democratic National Committee members have had their phones hacked, possibly by Russia. But, no evidence has been presented publicly to substantiate this. Hacking and cyber warfare will continue to be a problem well into the future. Jupiter will oppose Uranus later in the year and we could see more internet hackings by foreign entities before the year ends.

These are but a few of the problems we have experienced collectively over the course of this powerful  transit, and many of us have also experienced dissolving realities in our own personal lives leaving us feeling unsure, betrayed, lost and without solid footing.

So as this energy moves away will these problems cease to exist? No, of course not, but as the planets separate will be in a better position to a access the problems and come up with  real and workable solutions to our problems.

The same goes for our personal lives. There has been a great deal of loss for many individuals this year, especially those with mid-degree mutable planets-Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Relationships, jobs and friendships have been lost to name a few. Lives have been changed and many feel stability has slipped away.

Now is the time to start moving forward and creating a new reality for to replace that which has been lost in our personal loves. It may start out slow but have faith the new will soon emerge and we will be on more solid footing again.

As Jupiter is in Libra if you have ended a relationship, this placement of the planet of gain and expansion will bring many opportunities for new relationships and even marriage in some cases. Jupiter is where we find our luck, and this year partnerships will take on greater meaning.

The Cardinal transits of October
As the Sun and  Mercury are in Libra this month and Mars moves through Capricorn during October we have three fast moving planets in Cardinal signs.

Pluto is in Capricorn at 14-15 degrees, and Uranus is in Aries at 23-21, and Jupiter is in Libra at 4-10 degrees degrees during October. The fast moving planets will clash with both Uranus and Pluto as well as Jupiter, creating friction and stress this month. All these transits will play out in the world in terms of significant events. This will affect you to a greater degree if you have cardinal planets at 14-15 degrees, or 21-24 degrees. Here is the rundown:

October 5, Mars squares Jupiter-This is not the worst pair to square each other but things may get blown out of proportion. This could certainly include debate over politics. The truth may be greatly stretched. With Venus sextile Pluto this adds a little pleasant planetary help. Nothing is shallow this day.

October 7, the Sun squares Pluto- This is probe to obsessions and power struggles. Pluto rules bullies. At its best this can represent a total transformation. This will play out in the world as power struggles, change and threats.

October 13, Mercury squares Mars-This is argumentative energy ripe for debate and arguments. Good for mental work. Use caution driving. This too will play out in the world, and Mercury rules young people, Mars young men. We have seen protests and demonstrations on this transit in the past.

October 15, Mercury squares Pluto-This is obsessive energy, prone to arguments, and is often seen in the chart of someone trying to get to the bottom of a question. It may be hard to let go of certain thoughts today. On this same day, the Sun opposes Uranus. Uranus is about sudden and unexpected events, and often freedom. Some things may suddenly end, and we will see unusual events. Uranus related to explosions and coups.

October 19, Mars conjuncts Pluto-This is another harsh transit prone to change and transformation.  you could experience great willpower, and yet must watch out for ruthlessness which will be rampant this day. Resourcefulness in business may occur along with the elimination of old conditions or situations in your life.

October 20, Mercury opposes Uranus-Sudden and unexpected news along with changeability is the norm with this. Nothing may be permanent. Uranus rules explosions, aircraft and a desire for freedom and change.

October 29, Mars squares Uranus-This is a volatile transit prone to unpredictable and unexpected situations. Anger will be common. Like the above transit use caution while driving.

October 16-October's full Moon falls in the cardinal sign of Aries, at 23 degrees and  conjuncts Uranus at 22 degrees of Aries. This is a volatile and changeable full moon, prone to unexpected events. As this comes on the heels of Mercury square Pluto it will be prone to stress and disruptive events. As the Moon rules women, you could experience erratic behavior, changeability, and issues concerning women. You may change your mind on emotional matter

October 29, Mars squares Uranus-This is unpredictable energy that can break out in many different areas. Be careful and watch for accidents. This is volatile energy prone to unexpected events. We may well see military or police action.
Octobers New Moon falls at 7 degrees of Scorpio, peaking at 1:38 PM, EST. Scorpio rules the 8th house of death, change and transformation, taxes and debt and other people's money. Scorpio is the most intense of signs and this moon will conjunct Mercury (communication, young people and travel, relatives, co-workers) and trine Neptune. Neptune rules intuition and dreams. This moon has the potential to be pleasant and transformative. Dreams and intuition may play a role in things.

October 30-Happy Halloween. This can be a fun and mystical day as the New Moon in Scorpio trines Neptune at 7 degrees, making for a pleasant month's end. Neptune rules psychics, the imagination and intuition and dreams. This would be a great day to get a reading, or be creative!

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