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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Sun square Pluto: obsessions, power struggles and change

The Sun squares Pluto Friday, October 8, at 14 degrees of Libra-Capricorn, but the energy will be felt before and after.

This is an intense transit and you may find many people to be irritable. You could call this transit a power struggle just waiting to happen, and if this sets something off in your personal chart, it may not be easy to resolve.

Superficial answers will not be satisfactory, but if you dig deep, be prepared for the answers, and the potential  with this transit is that something could end. Pluto rules breakdowns of all types, change and transformation.

Pluto goes beneath the surface, and nothing else will suffice.

Ego energies will run high at this time and so will tempers. In rare cases, it could signify violence.

You could encounter bullies, and some people will try and force their will on others. Pick and choose your battles, as you could get into a battle you can't win. As Mars is square Jupiter things can be blown out of proportion.

Pluto transits are related to obsessions, and this is often not the day to seek answers, when situations are tense and unpredictable.

At its very best this could signify some type of change. Things can come together and culminate at this time if other aspects in your chart support it.

We will see many things in the world at this time. Violence, threats, bullies, and power struggles, endings, being front and center.  Pluto rules nuclear weapons and power. This can be a destructive transit and if Hurricane Matthew hits the East Coast, damage could be significant.

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