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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Watch your communication-Mercury this week

Many people will try and speak their truth, (Jupiter) whatever they believe it to be, right or wrong. Think pontificate, sermonize or lecture. This is what you may hear in your own circles and in the world or on the news.

As Mercury approaches a square to Mars however, the pontification may turn into arguments. This transit becomes exact October 13. Mercury squared Mars in Virgo-Sagittarius the week of September 11. My advice is not to try and convince others of things they do not want to hear as you could be the looser, especially in relationships (of all types). Problems with travel and communication can occur.

Mercury-Mars transits are prone toward irritation, aggravation and anger, as well as accidents, and problems with younger people. Typically this plays out in the world as anger, accidents, and holds the potential for violence.

By Saturday, October 15, Mercury squares Pluto. This transit is indicative of arguments, finding out new information and is considered the transit of propaganda. It is also obsessive energy that turn negative in a heartbeat. People may engage in what they consider life and death arguments--and fighting to the death, although I don't mean this in the literal sense. It could however represent a metaphorical death of a relationship.

My advice is to put the mental energy to some productive use rather than fight what is likely a losing battle, or engage in arguments with those around you.

 This occurs all the while Mars is approaching a conjunct to Pluto, forming another Cardinal t-square in the sky, which is indicative of a fight for survival in extreme cases, or it can seem this way at the time.  As this transit occurs it is more possible than not we will see an escalation of violence in society and around the world. It could even coincide with some type of nuclear situation.

Along with this, the full moon will occur October 16, in Aries, and it will conjunct Uranus, making it perhaps the most unpredictable and explosive one of the year.

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