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Friday, February 17, 2017

Mars squares Pluto: choose your battles carefully

Mars squares Pluto and this transit is exact February 22 at 18 degrees of Aries/Capricorn. We will feel the energy of this in the days before and a few days after.

Mars-Pluto is an obsessive and volatile transit capable of producing conflict, anger rage and abuse on many levels. 

Some things may end, and we are also in an eclipse season so events can be large.

This is not the best day to bring up issues that you know will turn into conflict or to issue ultimatums.

Mars/Pluto transits deal with obsessiveness, sex, anger, violence, conflict and agitation, as well as issues over joint finances.

You will experience this transit to a greater degree if it is aspecting your personal natal chart. If this is the case you have a Cardinal planet-Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn at 17-19 degrees.

Mars-Pluto transits at their worse are indicative of physical violence, anger, jealousy and rage. I would avoid bad areas, and people you know who will aggravate and agitate. 

Now is not the time to press an issue unless you are prepared for a fight.

This transit can amp up your determination, ambition, and relates to the elimination of old conditions and the creation of new ones, but even if this is the case, nothing comes easily.

At its best, this transit may transform something to a different situation, place or level. For example, and issue may finally be resolved one way or another and this can include relationships, business, and they way you approach things.

On the other hand with Pluto involved, simmering issues can emerge, and Pluto transits have a feeling of events beyond your ability to control, as well as obsessiveness.

This transit will play out in our personal lives and in the world. Mars-Pluto transits typically deal with violence and aggression, the abuse of power, media, the bullies in the world and nuclear incidents/talks.

We can expect to see or hear of major events in the world at this time. This transit falls close to Saturn (structure) in the US natal chart. In mundane astrology Saturn represents the state and its institutions, the legal system, and it governs authority and tradition.
Mars-Pluto hits Saturn in Vladimir Putin's chart in the 12th house of things secret and hidden and there a potential of revelations on this day or before. It also aspects Jupiter (governments, money, foreign powers and persons, laws) in Donald Trump's chart as well so there will be news here.

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