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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Solar eclipse in Pisces: when you wish upon a star

The second eclipse of 2017 occurs on February 26, falling at 8 degrees of Pisces. This eclipse will peak at 9:58 AM and is a solar eclipse/New moon. The eclipse will not be visible in the US and you can click here to see its path.

The last time a solar eclipse occurred at this degree was February 26, 1998. If you are old enough to remember this time, you may have a clue as to how this eclipse will affect you.

Eclipses are like wildcards, and one of the ways we learn how and what we need to change and evolve. An eclipse can seem good or bad, depending on what it aspects in your personal chart, and often an eclipse is dramatic, or reveals important information if it aspects a significant point in your own chart/life.  An eclipse often brings news pertaining to life's biggest events. The energy of an eclipse can go for months and in some cases years.

With an eclipse we have both endings and beginnings. A solar eclipse is more like a new beginning, and it is always a new moon. A lunar eclipse can being more news of endings and it is associated with a full moon.

Almost always unexpected information comes to light and at this time something may be eclipsed completely out of your life, or into your life. Eclipses can bring positive or negative events depending on what it aspects in your personal chart.

Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune and represents the twelfth house of the zodiac so this eclipse will relate to endings of various types, and previously unknown information may be revealed.

Neptune is at home in Pisces and rules dreams and intuition, creativity, salt water, drugs and drinking, theater and movies, preachers, religion and creativity, and lies and deception that includes self deception to name a few.

Neptune-Pisces is also about spirituality and compassion. As the Moon (in Pisces falls very close to Neptune) this theme (and other things ruled by Neptune) will be heightened. You could experience vivid dreams at this time, déjà vu, or have psychic experiences.  You may experience and act upon a desire to help those less fortunate or have a deep spiritual experience. My advice is to go in this direction with this energy and focus on who could benefit from your company, experience and knowledge.

This Moon (eclipse) falls on fixed star Skat which is 7 degrees of Pisces. Skat, According to Ptolemy is of the nature of Saturn and Jupiter. It gives good fortune and lasting happiness. Vivian Robson writes that with the Moon, 'it gives new and influential friends, associated with companies, public position, but little prominence, valuable gifts, love of respectable women.'

Mars is conjunct Uranus at 21 degrees of Aries and this will bring unexpected situations/events, as this becomes part of the eclipse energy. This will affect you personally if you have planets in your chart at 20-22 degrees of Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn.

On the positive side, this could be an electric day full of surprises. Some will experience a desire for independence, or to try new things and situations.

On the other hand this energy is not easily contained and can lead to explosive arguments, accidents and unexpected situations, depending on where it is located in your chart.

In all probability this energy will play out in the world in terms of explosive news, situations and even explosions. There is a tendency toward violence and unexpected volatile events, accidents and situations that involve aircraft and technology.

February 27, Mars opposes Jupiter, and situations may be exaggerated and blown out of proportion. There will certainly be news of governments, laws and dealings with foreign situations, and it may well involve Vladimir Putin of Russia among others.

This eclipse also highlights the natal chart of Japan, among others

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