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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Mars squares Uranus-unpredictable, unexpected events

As Uranus reaches the final stage of its time in the sign of Aries, Mars-the God of War- reaches its final degrees in the sign Capricorn. This creates a square between these two powerful planets, or a major clash.

Squares in astrology bring friction and change and the combination of Mars-Uranus will bring unexpected and unpredictable changes in our personal lives and in the world.

This transit becomes exact in the early morning hours Saturday, May 16, but the energy will be felt before it is exact and for days after. Look to see multiple events happening one after the other.

Add Mercury to this mix, which (in Aries) also squares Mars, May 12, and this becomes an angry if not volatile combination. Both information and propaganda can come from this.

May 13, Mercury conjucnts Uranus, which is prone to sudden and unexpected news, accidents.

In our lives, we must guard against acting with haste and anger because plenty of this energy will be available if this is what you want. Also watch your driving and anything else that could cause an accident. The key is to remain calm and think all things through carefully and clearly.

Many things fall apart under transits like this, and that said, many things also come together but the situations that come together would have a theme of change or breaking free of something. Positive events can happen.

These transits will play out in the world in terms of sudden and unpredictable changes such as those we have recently seen with the US withdrawal from the Iran agreement, the continuing Stormy Daniels saga, and the volcanic eruptions in Hawaii.

You can expect to see much more before this transit is over:

-the potential of further earth related disasters or further damage
-changes in politics and political figures
-violence and the potential of causalities
-accidents or plane crashes
-issues or changes with electronic equipment or the internet
-issues that concern sex or abuse by men
-explosions and explosive circumstances

May 15, Uranus enters Taurus at 1:23 AM, EST   Just after midnight, Mars enters Aquarius, May 16. Mercury, in Taurus becomes part of the equation again, as it squares Mars in Aquarius as well.

This is the same configuration as before, it has just changed signs!
Uranus in Taurus is ruled by Venus, and Mars in Aquarius is in Uranus' sign. I hope you follow this. This is very powerful energy.

-Mercury/Uranus in Taurus concerns money, the earth, women, social values

So, once again we will see sudden and unpredictable changes as Mars and Uranus clash but let's look at what these planets and their signs rule. They have changed from Cardinal (things are going to change fast) signs to fixed (stubborn and determined) signs.

-Uranus, now ruled by Venus (as opposed to Mars) is connected to women, the earth, money and finance, and Uranus rules the internet, and aircraft as well.

-Aquarius rules the 11th house or the collective, so this transit can affect global change. It is also associated with coups, revolutions, war, and explosions or explosive situations.

This period will stretch through the week of May 20, and events that occur now will have long lasting consequences. On some level, most of us will see change and we will certainly see collective change.


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