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Monday, May 21, 2018

May 22: There's magic in the sky

A mystic rectangle forms in the sky May 21, and it becomes exact before noon, May 22. (EST)
A mystic rectangle is comprised of two oppositions (Moon opposes Neptune, and Mercury opposes Jupiter), two sextiles (Moon sextiles Jupiter) and (Mercury sextiles Neptune), and two trines (Jupiter trines Neptune) and (Mercury trines Moon).

Some astrologers believe this is an aspect representing the divine, and this pattern has been called an aspect of, 'practical mysticism.'

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar calls the mystic rectangle, the “Harmonic” Rectangle and wrote, “One of the most practically constructive and spiritually harmonious possibilities of any rectangle is indicated when the 2 oppositions are linked by sextiles and trines.” Where fully active, this ‘Harmonic Rectangle’ points to the potential development of a character strongly organized in an attempt to take an important step in personal growth and/or spiritual development. The configuration tends to bring the polarized elements symbolized by the oppositions into a unity, because a strong sense of organization (sextile) and a cohesive, purposeful vision (Trine) are potential in the personality. Whatever tensions arise in the life or personality that are symbolized in the opposing planets (or opposition) don’t necessarily ‘go away.’ But, they can be “laid on the altar,” or channeled toward the concrete completion of a significant life-task."

US President George Washington was born with a mystic rectangle in his chart, and mystic rectangle formed the morning after the death of Abraham Lincoln.

Either way, this sets off Jupiter's trine to Neptune, which becomes exact May 25. While the planets begin to separate after this, Jupiter only retrogrades to 13 degrees of Scorpio and this energy will be with us all summer as Jupiter remains in orb to Neptune

This can represent true magic, especially if you have Water planets in the mid degrees (13-17degrees of Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces). It can also work well for earth signs or if you have earth planets at these degrees. To some extent, we will all benefit from this transit, and it will form an exact aspect again when Jupiter is direct the week of August 12.

Neptune in Pisces rules all things spiritual, creative, and psychic. Jupiter in Scorpio rules the eighth house of mysteries, sex and other people's money, and these two planets in a water trine can be magical and productive in our lives and the world.

This is the time to tune in to your personal plan for finding your place in the universe. All gifts are not material however, and you should be open to spiritual as well as financial opportunities. As Jupiter was trine Neptune in early December, things that began at that time, or you became aware of may resurface now.

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