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Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Grand trine: Compassion, creativity, connectiveness

The grand water trine of 2018 is exact on June 1, but will be in effect over the next 5 days. This should bring something positive for everyone on some level.

Of course, this works best for Water signs who have planets at 15-17 degrees in their personal charts. It can work well for earth signs with planets at those same degrees, but to some extent we should all receive some benefit.

A grand trine is an aspect that places three planets in harmonious angles to each other and is considered an easy and pleasant energy. In this case it involves the Sun (the ego), Jupiter (gain and expansion) and Neptune (creativity, compassion, spirituality). This should bring to the fore opportunities, pleasantries, and compassion, given and received.

Some of the energy may be ethereal in nature, and compassion and creativity will be paramount. You could feel tapped into the infinite, or the ethereal.

Jupiter will remain in a trine with Neptune all summer and this is also good news. Now is the time for compassion, creativity, inner harmony and experiencing a larger connection to your own inner self and that which is considered divine.

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