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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

A Grand trine in Earth signs

Mercury entered Virgo September 5, and this becomes part of a grand trine in Earth signs over the next few days.

Mercury in Virgo is more analytical, grounded, critical and worrisome, and it will remain here until September 22.

A grand trine is a positive planetary configuration that involves three planets in a particular element (Earth), that work together harmoniously.
In this case Mercury (communication) trines Saturn (structures, stability, past situations) which trines Uranus (new approaches, sudden, unexpected events). This can bring about opportunities for creative thought and expansion building upon new or existing structures or ideas.(Saturn)
This will also bring some positive energies to the forefront and for a while things may seem easier. This can spark progress, peaceful or easy change and openings for communication and change. This does not however, negate Venus's square to Mars, or the Sun's opposition to Neptune on September 8, but may help navigate the harsher energy and find solutions.
This will affect those more so who are born under or with Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) at 0-3 degrees in their personal chart.
If you were born with a grand trine in your personal chart, (or those born on this day) this is typically associated with 'luck,' although it can indicate inactivity or a lack of drive if energy isn't exerted in making these energies work.

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