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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Sun/Mercury, New moon oppose Neptune: The perfect storm

This week we have the Sun, and Neptune (along with the New Moon of September 9) opposing Neptune.

In addition, we have a powerful T-square involving Uranus, Mars and Venus at peak energies this week and next, making this one of the most significant weeks of the year, astrologically.

The New Moon, Sun and Mercury in opposition to Neptune points to water related issues as Hurricane Florence approaches the US East Coast. If you are in affected areas, I wish you luck and hope you are seeking shelter as evacuation calls are underway. From an astrological standpoint, expect this storm to be a major event with massive damage.

The Sun/Mercury opposition peaked September 7, but is still within orb, and the Mercury-Neptune opposition is exact September 13, but the energy will last the rest of this week.

Oppositions to Neptune can relate to confusion, lack of clarity, misunderstandings, melancholy, tiredness, lies and deception and coming to the wrong conclusions. Things can seem worse than what they really are, although at times new information can be revealed. It is best not to make important decisions at this time, as you may not have all pertinent information.

Dreams may be vivid, and compassion can be given or received.

We often hear news of the Vatican when Neptune transits are involved, and according to published reports Cardinal Weur of Washington, DC will discuss his resignation with the Pope over alleged reports of allowing Priests who participated in child molestation to remain in the ministry.

The T-square involving Uranus is very powerful and its affects tend toward sudden, and volatile if not violent events. Many situations will change in the world and our personal lives. This will be the third and final pass of Uranus in Taurus square Neptune in Aquarius. This square (now a T-square involving Venus) occurred May 17-21, and again early August. Each time this has occurred we have seen ecological disasters with the Kilauea volcano in May, and massive wildfires in California in July-August.

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