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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Venus squares Mars: Jealousy, conflict,vague imaginings

Venus squares Mars all week, and this transit will peak  September 8, at 4:39PM, EST. From here Venus will move into Scorpio, opposing Uranus, but this will be the subject of one of the next blogs.

Venus and Mars pit the male and female planets against each other, but it can involve friction in other areas as well.
Emotions may be amplified at this time, for better or worse. We will likely hear scandalous news in the world.

Typically we think of Venus transits involving relationships between men and women, but Venus also rules values, our social lives and money. It is in these realms the conflict will lie.
There can be a tendency to act in aggressive ways and without allowing for mutual consideration. Some involved in relationships may become jealous or overly demanding.
For some, this is an aspect of sexual tension and in some cases could be considered a ‘battle between the sexes.’ It may be difficult to relate well to your significant other or those of the opposite sex in some ways.
Problems may arise in romantic and sexual relationships, and jealousy can sometimes rear its ugly head with this combination. In some cases you could experience crude or aggressive behavior, or you could feel a lack of consideration for your feelings, or the situation could be reversed.

On occasion this transit can signify situations involving money or possessions. Guard your belongings to make sure they aren’t stolen or lost.

This transit occurs on the same day the Sun opposes Neptune at 15 degrees of Virgo-Pisces. This transit can reveal information, and Neptune is connected with lies, confusion, lack of clarity, melancholy and vague imaginings that can be construed as romantic and other tragedies. Clarity may not be yours, and best not to act on half truths or delusions that parade as truth without full fact. Clarity will come after the New Moon, which becomes part of this energy.

The New Moon also opposes Neptune on September 8. The Sun opposing Neptune can involve the ego, and with the moon it is more emotional.

 Some relationships can end, but other transits would have to play a significant role.

At best, this could be an exciting if not electric time with your significant other, or someone special. Spiritual and creative pursuits may come front and center with the new moon as could helping others.

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