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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Full moon in Aries: Blocks, limits and overcoming fear

The full moon in Aries falls on September 24, at 1 degree of the sign. The lunar peak occurs at 10:52 PM, EST. Aries rules the first house or the self, taking initiative, and moving forward. But, this Moon squares Saturn and opposes the Sun/Mercury. Saturn asks that we be real, face reality, and deal with matters at hand. Saturn can also create fear, negativity and tiredness.
Many will experience this as some kind of a block, slowdown, limitation or even ending. This can be a depressing influence on emotions and emotionally bashed relationships, and it will be a challenge to overcome this. Some things, relationships and situations may end, especially if they appear headed in this direction anyway.
Aries is a fire sign and its being reined in by its square to Saturn and Mercury. This forms a tight t-square between the Moon, Sun/Mercury and Saturn which is a difficult transit and we may be pulled in several different directions at the same time.
Chiron conjunct this Moon can relate to deep seated emotional wounds  that may come back up which may have occurred earlier in life, even childhood.
Another t-square is still present in the sky involving Mars, Uranus and Venus. We have been dealing with this several weeks now and with Uranus involved, events and situations can be unpredictable and unexpected.
If you can move beyond or not encounter emotionally based issues and tiredness, this can be a time to accomplish a great deal of practical work, as Saturn deals with work and responsibilities.
A full moon like this calls for us to work on removing limiting and fearful thoughts, and dealing with deep-seating unpleasant memories so we may move forward in a more positive manner.

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