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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Mars conjunct Uranus: Expect the unexpected!

Mars is entering into a square with Uranus at the time of this post and this transit becomes exact February 13th, at 29 degrees of Aries. The energy will be present before and after the transit is exact.

This will be a volatile and unpredictable transit, and it will affect those with Cardinal planets (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn) at 28-29 degrees to a greater degree than others.

This transit can give us a strong urge to break free of anything that seems limiting and can include relationships. Impulsive behavior can be a problem along with ill thought out actions and sudden anger. Self control and thoughtfulness will serve us all in good stead at this time.

Sudden and unexpected events and situations may occur and we will have to walk a narrow path toward deciding what is an opportunity and what is a reckless choice.

Many things can end at this time, often suddenly. Things can also come together as Uranus is called the planet of unpredictability.

Flashes of insight could occur now, but they will leave as quickly as they come so if it is significant you may want to write it down.

You could experience problems with electronic communication or equipment.

This transit can take the form of a day you desire to do or try something different or unusual from the norm. At best it can seem like a sudden electrical charge that results in an unusual and exciting day in some way.

This transit is an accident waiting to happen and use caution while driving or doing anything that involves personal risk. People will be prone to take sudden and impulsive actions without thinking them through.

This will play out in the world in terms of unexpected news and change, issues concerning the internet, revolts, explosions or explosive circumstances and violence.

This is part of the last hurrah of Uranus in Aries as it will move into Taurus next month.

Uranus transits often have to do with unexpected weather situations, even earthquakes. Aircraft and airplane crashes often occur on a transit like this.

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