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Monday, February 18, 2019

Supermoon in Virgo February 19th

This month's full moon falls at 0 degrees of Virgo February 19. The lunar peak occurs at 10:54 AM, EST. This will be the largest Supermoon of the year as it will be closest to the earth. Supermoons have an affect on tidal forces and extreme weather conditions.

Virgo rules the 6th house of work and health/fitness and for many of us our focus will fall here.  Virgo is ruled by Mercury the planet of communication, travel, young people and pets.

The Sun enters Pisces February 18, and the Sun will opposes the Moon as it does on every full moon, amping up our emotional energies.

Virgo is the most critical of signs, and we must use care not to become too disapproving or fault-finding of others. That said, the same energy will give us the ability to employ critical thinking in terms of being able to have an objective analysis and evaluation of certain situations.

We will need this ability over the next few days as Mercury is conjunct Neptune and this can be confused thinking or unrealistic thinking and it is important to see the facts clearly before reaching a decision. This can be a misleading transit as Neptune is the planet of illusion, delusion and confusion. It can also represent outright lies or self-delusion. Others may over indulge during this time. 

Many things can be revealed as this transit occurs. If possible, my advice is to not make important decisions with this transit but wait a few days for it to move on. (This transit will occur again the latter part of March when Mercury is retrograde and it will be even more powerful).

It is important to use caution while driving as Mercury rules cars and trips, and this transit can confuse the mind or cause us to not pay attention to what is going on.

Venus is still conjunct Saturn and love and money (or lack of) will be the focus for some. Venus-Saturn is not a light hearted transit and many are re-accessing their relationships. As we move through the week, Venus is between Saturn and Pluto and either could cause problems or end relationships, worst case scenario.

If you can channel the energy in a positive way, this is a positive time for work of all types, as well as new health regimes or fitness programs.

We can expect major storms in some areas with Mercury-Neptune. Do not expect all you hear to be true or correct either.

This can also amp up psychic energy, creativity and compassion, and my advice is to go in this direction. Dreams may be vivid as well.

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