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Monday, February 25, 2019

Venus squares Uranus-Twists and turns

Venus is square Uranus this week, and this transit is exact in the early morning hours of March 1. The energy will be felt a few days before and after this transit is exact.

Venus rules relationships and money and either could take an unexpected twist. Some relationships will end suddenly and without warning, but there would have to be other indicators in the chart besides this one transit. Stable relationships could take an unusual turn or something different from normal may be in the plans. Uranus can shake us out of a rut.

As this aspect is applying (approaching the exact date) you should be careful about over-reacting to issues in relationships, or make sudden decisions you could end up regretting. Uranus transit often denote a desire for freedom 'at any cost,' that could seem regrettable at a later date.

In some cases this can bring fun and excitement for the day but the transit does not lend itself to longevity or stability. The best use of this energy is to explore or try something new and different even if it is as simple as a new restaurant, music or anything else that can elevate your consciousness to a new level.

Relationships that begin at this time may lack stability and should be allowed to withstand the test of time. This is prone to fascinating but unstable entanglements. No matter how great or exciting things seem at the time they may not be as realistic as you could believe while this transit is active.

This transit will play out in the world in terms of sudden and unexpected news, scandals, issues with finance/money and we will hear news concerning women. We could also hear news about the entertainment business.

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