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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Predicting Love in 2019: Yes we can!


Astrology is a blueprint of your life that was created at the moment of your birth, and the transits of the planets that bring you together with the most important people you will ever meet were set into motion from the start. Of course, each chart is different, and there may be mitigating factors to consider in your personal chart, but we can easily predict the times the various Sun signs have greater luck in finding that someone special.

Mars along with Venus are the day to day significators of your love life. When Mars or Venus go into a sign that's favorable to you, your chances of meeting someone special increase as well as social activity in general.

When Mars and Venus are in the same sign and it happens to be your Sun sign or in your 5th house of love watch out! This time is extra special to you, as this duo doesn't dance often and relationship opportunities will be at an all time high.

Mars and Venus will be together three times in 2019 in the signs of Leo, Virgo and Libra. These planetary combinations can also work well for those who are in compatible signs. For example, Mars and Venus in Leo will benefit Fire signs, as well as Air. Mars and Venus in Virgo benefit Earth signs, but also Water signs. And Mars and Venus in Libra benefit Air signs but also Fire signs.

Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus often play a part in love as well. While Jupiter is considered lucky, transits involving Uranus can create events lightening fast, and Saturn can lend stability to relationships. 

This year Jupiter will favor the fire signs through November, and especially Leo (or Leo ascendant) as it falls in the fifth house of love. In December Jupiter in Capricorn will benefit all Earth Signs, especially Virgo until the end of 2020.

When Venus is in your own sign, you should look and feel your best!

If you know your ascendant use this for calculations, otherwise use your Sun sign as both are correct.

Venus enters Capricorn February 3. This is good for all Earth signs, and especially Virgo as it will move through the 5th house (love). 

February 14, Mars enters Taurus. Capricorn and Taurus are compatible with all Earth Signs. Virgo and Capricorn are especially favored by this mix.

March 1, Venus enters Aquarius. This works well for Air signs-Libra, Aquarius and Gemini,  but especially Libra as Venus falls in the fifth house of love.

March 26, Venus enters Pisces where it remains through April 19. This favors all Water signs, and especially Pisces or Pisces ascendant as it transits the fifth house of love.

March 31, Mars moves into Gemini until May 14. This will favor Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) but especially Aquarius as it falls in the fifth house of love.

April 20, Venus moves into Aries and this will favor all Fire signs until May 15. This especially works well for Sagittarius as it transits the fifth house of love.

May 15-June 8, Venus enters Taurus where it will favor all Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) especially Capricorn.

May 16, Mars enters Cancer, favoring water signs and especially Pisces. Venus and Mars are compatible through June 8, increasing the possibilities for Water and Earth signs.

June 9, Venus enters Gemini until July 4. This works for Air signs and especially Aquarius.

July 4, Venus enters Cancer until the 27th of the month. This works well for Water signs, especially Pisces.

July 1, Mars enters Leo until August 17. This works for Fire signs, and especially Aries.

July 28, Venus joins Mars in Leo until August 20. This is a spectacular time for Fire signs (and Air signs) as Mars and Venus are together. Make the most of this, as it will be the only time this year these planets are together. Aries is especially favored!

August 17, Mars enters Virgo and is joined by Venus August 21. This special time will last until September 13. This works best for Earth signs, but Water signs can benefit. Taurus is especially favored.

Venus enters Libra September 14, and this favors Air signs especially Gemini. Mars enters Libra September 4, and for 3 days 

Mars and Venus are both in Libra from October 4-7. Mars in Libra favors Air signs until November 19.

Venus enters Scorpio October 8-November 1. This favors all Water signs, especially Cancer.

Venus enters Sagittarius November 1-26 favoring Fires signs, especially Leo.

November 19-December 31, Mars enters Scorpio favoring Water signs, especially Cancer.

November 26- December 19, Venus enters Capricorn favoring Earth signs especially Virgo.

December 20-January 14, 2020 Venus enters Aquarius favoring Air signs, especially Libra.

By referring to this guide you can plan when times are best to increase your social activity and focus on meeting someone special. If you are in a relationship it can be enhanced. Good Luck!

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