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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

New Moon in Virgo: Healing ourselves


The New moon for September falls in the morning hours of September 17, at 25 degrees of Virgo bringing the Virgo season to a close within a few days. Virgo is the sign that rules the 6th house of work, health and service to others. Virgo is strongly connected with healing that can occur on a mental or physical level. Now is the time to focus on your health, well-being and healing what ails you or those you are close to.

Mercury in Libra has entered the Cardinal square that is ruling the skies creating havoc and stress these days or in other words, retrograde Mars in Aries square Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. This is harsh and frustrating energy that will be with us well into October. On this moon Mercury (in Libra) is square Jupiter, which has a tendency to blow many things out of proportion or we could hear some type of news concerning courts, lawyers or the law. Mercury will square both Pluto and Saturn during this lunar cycle on September 21 and 23rd, bringing more issues to light that could also create tension and stress in our own lives and on the world stage.

This New Moon in Virgo can come across to some as overly critical or picky but at the end of the day Virgo was made to help others. This Virgo moon may come across like a teacher or counselor who is there to support you even though you may not like all she has to say.  Virgo is all about hard work and achieving a state of excellence by doing things correctly.

This Moon is supported by Pluto which will bring about some profound and deep feelings as well as Saturn, the planet of material things, responsibility, hard work and older people. It is also supported by Jupiter, the planet of gain and expansion which is now direct. This is all positive and some good can come of it especially through Dr.’s, lawyers, older people, or someone who inspires you.

The Sun and the moon are conjunct as they are on every new moon, but they oppose Neptune in Pisces which is a powerful opposition ruling the 6th/12th axis of the zodiac, or the houses of healing and service to others. Pisces/Neptune rules the 12th house of hospitals, endings and things that are unseen such as faith, religion and compassion or lies and delusion. Neptune in Pisces represents the suffering of large numbers of people in the world at this time.

On a personal level suffering could be caused by some sort of personal delusion such as a toxic relationship you need to let go of or something else such as Covid, unemployment, health issues, financial problems or any other number of things depending on where it falls in your chart.

In the collective we are currently dealing with a worldwide pandemic, financial and political issues, race relations, propaganda, massive wildfires and lost lives as well as hurricane damage. There are those without homes or money such as the millions of migrants who seek solace in other place far from their birth. As this moon conjuncts Neptune in the US chart, we could hear more news about Covid or race relations.

We will see many of these situations play out over this new moon; issues with the sick, stranded, and those who have lost homes or loved ones. We will also watch those who come to the forefront to help and serve as well as others who bury their heads in the sand. Of course everyone is not called to serve or help at every turn but we will see these polarities in society play out.

At this juncture you may see or be involved in a situation where you have a choice of helping someone else, or showing compassion or you could get caught up in the suffering or delusional side of Pisces. In this case you may experience a loss or ending and need compassion from others yourself. Virgo can also deal with self care, and getting real about many things.

In society, the incongruities of these two extremes; serving others or suffering will play out in obvious ways. Water related weather issues could be a problem along with more negative news about Covid. We will see those who decide to help in practical ways such as Dr.’s, nurses, rescue workers or those who work in religious groups providing assistance as an example. We will also see those who choose to ignore or deny others suffering, or promote propaganda which creates more division.

This moon is all about service to ourselves and others or closing our eyes to the difficult events that are unfolding every day. Do you choose to help others (Virgo) or will you contribute to the lack of clarity, divisiveness and the suffering of others by refusing to acknowledge their plight? Not all are meant to run large philanthropic organizations or make decisions that affect big groups of people.  The new moon may simply bring new awakenings and awareness of those around us as well as ourselves. Sometimes a simple nod or friendly hello to someone who is feeling downtrodden and hopeless can create a positive affect that can change someone’s direction. The energy is all there on this new moon, it is up to us to direct it.

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