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Friday, September 25, 2020

October 2020 Astrology!

                                             October 2020 Astrology and transits

During October we have two unusually powerful full moons, Venus enters Virgo, Mars continues it’s retrograde in warrior sign Aries, Jupiter sextiles Neptune for the final time, Mercury retrogrades, Pluto turns direct, and the Sun enters Scorpio. Now, for the details!

Mars is retrograde

This month we are dealing with a great deal of Mars energy. “The God of War’ as Mars is called is in its own sign, or Aries and is extremely powerful and volatile here, especially while retrograde. Retrograde planets bring hidden information to the forefront and frequently misbehave, bringing up anger, stress, and exhaustion. Mars retrograde can also be associated with accidents, carelessness and at this time we are more likely to experience some type of physical calamity than at other times. This is by no means inevitable however, just use extra care and caution concerning your health and physical well being.

In the collective, Mars creates anger and frustration and we will see issues concerning police and potential violence along with volatile and changeable political events in the last month before the election. The first 10 days of the month will be frustrating, angry and difficult as Mars completes its square to Saturn (September 29) and then Pluto (October 9). Even though these transits complete on October 9th, the energies will remain with us at least another week. We experienced these transits before Mars retrograde August 13-24.

Powerful full moon in Aries

October’s full moon will bring much of this Mars energy to a head and the lunar peak occurs October 1, at 6:05 PM, EDT at 9 degrees of Aries. This will be a fiery full moon that could turn volatile on this day or the day or two before and after. This Moon conjuncts Chiron, known as the ‘wounded healer,’ and may bring to the forefront all types of emotional hurts and issues for us to deal with in our personal lives and in the collective.

Aries rules the first house of the zodiac, or ourselves. During this time competing groups and individuals will be vying for what that want and hope to accomplish and selfishness may rise to the top. As Aries sits across from the 7th house or the segment of the zodiac that rules marriage and partnerships, issues and conflicts in relationships may well crop up or relationships could come back together in some way. A new relationship begun on a retrograde Mars may be lacking in direction, or this could play out after Mars turns direct. Libra/Aries is also associated with war and peace, along with courts and the judiciary.

Mars completed its powerful square to Saturn on September 29th but this energy is still with us for the next few days. The textbook definition of Mars-Saturn is frustration but we will also be dealing with anger issues, stress and emotions that can turn into seething irritation at a moment’s notice.  

Used constructively a great deal can be accomplished at this time but it important to be aware of the pitfalls and limitations of these transits.  This full moon will affect those born under Aries-Libra, Cancer and Capricorn to a greater extent than others.

In the US chart, this full moon falls in the 4th house which rules the population. Its opposition to Saturn shows great unhappiness and discontent in the country and its square to the US Sun shows us there are many who do not like the direction of the US President and his agenda. Saturn rules institutions such as the Supreme Court and other conservative bodies. Saturn is opposing the US chart’s Mercury bringing bitter and harsh speech and communication all month along with anger and debate. Issues could arise concerning finances and young people as well as speeches and communication. While we have recently lost legal icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg this transit could indicate more death, including that from Covid which will be on the increase during October.

The planet of love transits two signs

Venus enters Virgo on September 2nd and will remain here until October 27, when it enters Libra.  Venus is considered at its fall in this sign meaning the energies of Venus and the sign Virgo do not really complement each other. Venus is a detailed and somewhat critical sign. We will all want more details, such as what does our partner REALLY feel about us. That said, Virgo works well for earth signs and can be a loving, protective and healing type of energy as well.

Venus will be in Libra the last 3 days of October and it will remain in this sign until November 21st. While Venus in Virgo is considered at its ‘fall’ Venus in Libra is ‘at home’ in this sign, one of its two planetary rulers. Venus in Libra is lighter, happier and more prone to compromise. Balance and harmony is what Libra seeks most of all and over the next month we will all work harder to find this in our relationships and our lives.

Pluto turns direct

Pluto is known as the ‘God of the underworld.’ October 4th, Pluto turns direct after a 5 month retrograde. When you experience a Pluto transit personally you can expect absolute change one way or another.

Pluto retrogrades every year and when it turns direct hidden agendas can be exposed, secrets can be revealed and significant events can take place in our lives and the world. At this juncture issues that have been buried or hidden will crop up. Lawsuits tend to be affected by the reversal of Pluto and new information often comes out.

 Pluto is the planet that rules waste and our need to get rid of what is no longer functional and working in our personal lives and on the world stage. Political careers will rise and fall on this planetary reversal and what we see over the next month or so will give us an indication of what to expect over the next several years.

Jupiter sextiles Neptune

Jupiter makes one last positive sextile to Neptune before moving away from the planet of expansion and gain. We have experienced several passes of this important transit earlier this year in February and July. This energy becomes exact on October 12, but will be with us most of October, but it will be waning after October 12th.

This is creative, pleasant energy that can be directed toward any type of venture but especially those involving creative works, spirituality or compassion. You could feel more in tune with yourself or even intuitive at this time and dreams could be vivid. You could feel inspired to follow a dream or pursue a cause. There is a compassionate and spiritual nature to this energy and things may seem to flow easily which is something we could all use this month. In spite of the current energies we are dealing with, compassion and creativity will be seen in the world as well as our own lives.

The down side of this energy believing in things that are not true, laziness, self deception or believing everything you hear. The propaganda campaigns that are rampant at this time may get a boost from this energy and convince people of things that are simply made up for political or divisive purposes.

Pisces-Neptune rule contagious diseases and we will continue to see the spread of the corona virus, and this will be exacerbated with Mercury (retrograde) retrograde in Scorpio

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in solid Capricorn can help us keep our footing at this time. There are great possibilities with this transit.

Mercury turns retrograde in Scorpio

Mercury is the planet ruling communication, travel and the way we think. When Mercury turns retrograde confusion can arise, things get delayed or forgotten, machinery breaks down, and many unexpected things can happen or change direction. Mercury turns retrograde in mysterious Scorpio October 13-November 3rd.

Mercury retrograde should be viewed from the perspective of what its purpose really is, which is to give us an opportunity to re-think, re-do and make changes to things we may be working on. We can make corrections that will lead to a better future result, even though Mercury’s retrograde can be maddening at times.

Scorpio is deep, so we will be digging deeply into how we feel about our lives, those we are intimately connected with and our own personal finances. Mercury is nicknamed ‘the trickster of the zodiac,’ and in Scorpio it could seem like communication is coded and overly secretive.

During this time you or others could be concerned with exposing the truth in some way as Scorpio is a detective and likes nothing better than to unearth new information. The green eyed monster may raise its ugly head in some cases, and we may all feel more suspicious than normal. If this is the case don’t over think to the point of paranoia and try and stay rooted in reality.

File your taxes before the retrograde!

 This year tax day was pushed to July 15, due to Covid, and many extended the deadline to pay taxes until October 15th.  Since Mercury retrogrades on October 13, it would be better to file your taxes if you have not done this yet before the retrograde begins. If you file taxes after Mercury turns retrograde your chances of omitting something or making a mistake increases.

 Mercury turns direct on election day

Yes, Mercury turns direct on Election Day at 12: 50 PM, EDT. We can expect a certain amount of confusion on this day along with the possibility that some voters will change their minds about who to vote for last minute. The last time we experienced retrograde Mercury on an election day was November 7, 2000.  Remember the ‘hanging chads’? This is far from ideal for an election, and we can add to the mix Mars retrograde as well. This increases our chances of issues with voting, delayed mail, propaganda and other unexpected events that could throw a wrench into things.

The next three weeks will be a time when many things may seem at a standstill, in particular our outward actions. We can still accomplish a great deal however on an inner or unseen level. We can polish and review our projects and plans for the future and make corrections that are needed.

Mercury will retrograde through two signs; Scorpio and Libra. Mercury will re-enter Libra October 27th where it will stay for the remainder of the retrograde. At this time our thoughts will shift toward our partnerships and most intimate relationships. Some relationships may end if they are tottering on the edge, but others can become stronger as this will be a period of talking through any issues that may be bothersome and resolving problems that have been undercover for a while. Now is the time to get to the bottom of any issues and reach a solution.

Retrograde Mercury is frequently associated with the past and those from the past. If there was ever a time to reconnect with an old flame it is during a retrograde Mercury in Libra. Others you may not wish to reconnect with like the pesky ex may reappear as well to give things one last attempt.

Mercury will re-enter Scorpio for the second time November 10th, where it will remain until December 1st.

October’s New Moon

The New Moon this month falls on October 16th, at 23 degrees of Libra. This is a new moon meant for love, harmony and relationships. With all the harshness we have experienced, most people can use a positive new moon!

Libra rules the 7th house of marriage and relationships so our focus will be on our most important connections. A new moon in Libra seeks balance, peace and harmony and the energies lend themselves more to compromise than arguing. Venus makes a pleasant trine to Saturn which is positive for relationships, our social lives and business. It can also connect us with those from our past.

The Sun enters Scorpio

October 22, the Sun enters the fixed sign of fall when weather shifts further toward colder winter weather, at least in the US and we are moving toward darker and shorter days. Scorpio is a detective, always digging for information and never shallow. With the election upon us it is very likely new information will be dug up and released concerning the candidates but whether or not the information is correct is another question.

Scorpio rules the 8th house of transformation and it is time for us to let go of what has outlived its purpose in our lives, in preparation for the new. Scorpio, the 8th house ruler can be associated with death, but also metaphorical death as well. In other words, it is time to take out the trash, deal with and release the clutter in your life and clear the decks. It takes courage to release what needs to be released and move forward, but this is something that Scorpio often excels at.

A volatile full moon in Taurus

In October we will experience a second full moon, which is known as a ‘blue moon,’ and this one falls on Halloween. A Halloween full moon has not appeared in all time zones since 1944, so this is a rare occurrence.

This Moon falls at 8 degrees 8 degrees of Taurus and is conjunct Uranus, opposing the Sun in Scorpio.  Taurus-Scorpio rules the 2nd/8th house axis of money, possessions, debt, taxes and other people’s money or change/regeneration. This transit will affect both candidates running for Presidential election.

Taurus is associated with money, the earth, food and farming, luxuries and earthly pleasures. The symbol for Taurus is the bull, and Taureans have a love of stability. The other side of Taurus is stubbornness and Taurus energies can work out in this manner. Decisions made at this time can have a lasting effect.

The moon’s conjunction to Uranus means that we are in an unpredictable few days where anything can happen. The more closely you are wedded to your day to day activities the more unsettling this can prove to be. This will be a day we could experience restlessness or even anxiety, and it is a good time to just ‘go with the flow.’

On the world stage we can expect unexpected events, volatile situations and unexpected change. Uranus rules explosions, aircraft, coups, rebellions, heart attacks, earthquakes and takeovers. This could manifest as an attempt at political control in some way.

Happy Halloween!

Other transits of significance in October:

October 7, Mercury opposes Uranus. This is a potentially explosive aspect that could bring some arguments to the forefront. Mercury-Uranus deals with unexpected communication, accidents and unexpected news. The other side of this transit can promote finding new solutions to old problems that can manifest as a day where thoughts and answers could have a genius quality to them.

October 9th, Mars squares Pluto for the 2nd time. This is angry energy where issues can rise to the surface and be revealed. As this comes within 5 days of Pluto’s direct station and one day before the full moon, it will be all that much more volatile in the world, in particular the political world. Any hidden agendas may be revealed at this time.

October 11, The Sun squares Jupiter. This is basically an optimistic transit that can give us a day of enthusiasm. Things could get blown out of proportion or over-promised.

October 13, the Sun opposes Mars. This can seem like a difficult day when people are looking for a fight. You could expect discordance in communications and egos.

October 15, the Sun squares Pluto. This transit is prone to power struggles and things can break down especially as Mercury is now retrograde. Sweep out the cobwebs and unfinished business in preparation of the New moon.

October 18, the Sun squares Saturn. This is a tiring, draining and negative type of energy. If you work hard, you could see accomplishment. Also on this day, Venus opposes Neptune. Look for unclear issues to arise in relationships and concerning finance. At worst this indicates lies and deception.

October 19, Mars squares Jupiter. This can be a transit of accomplishment and even a certain degree of luck may seem possible. Otherwise, it is prone to strong feelings and opinions and we could hear news of courts or the judiciary.

Also, Venus trines Jupiter. This is positive, even lucky and good for social engagements. Mercury also opposes Uranus for the 2nd time this month. This is indicative of unexpected news. If you were affected by this transit October 7th, you will likely be affected again.

October 21, Venus trines Pluto. This is positive for group activities and expressing your feelings which will be deeper at this time.

October 24th, Venus trines Saturn. Positive for any practical accomplishment or social or business activity. Saturn can relate to those from the past.

October 25, the Sun conjuncts Mercury. Ego’s can be in full display on this day and this can be a willful type of energy.

October 31st, the sun opposes Uranus. This is prone to sudden, if not explosive and unexpected circumstances. It is more powerful the day before the Full moon which will also conjunct Uranus.


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