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Monday, September 28, 2020

October's powerful full moon in Aries!


We have been dealing with a great deal of Mars energy with its retrograde and frustrating clashes with Saturn and Pluto since August. Mars is the planet of action, men, war, anger and police and the full moon in Aries this month is ruled by warrior planet Mars as well. This full moon is called the ‘Harvest moon,’ since in the days preceding it there is an abundance of moonlight in the early evenings which was once critical to farmers gathering in the year’s harvest.

The full moon will bring much of this volatile energy to a head with the lunar peak occurring October 1, at 6:05 PM, EDT at 9 degrees of Aries. This will be a fiery full moon that could turn volatile on this day or in the days before and after. This Moon conjuncts Chiron, known as the ‘wounded healer,’ and may bring to the forefront all types of emotional hurts and issues for us to deal with in our personal lives and in the collective. The energies of this full moon will last until the New Moon in Libra falling on October 16th. This New Moon falls in the opposite sign of Aries and will be more concerned with compromise and justice.

Aries rules the first house of the zodiac, or ourselves. In many respects we will be focused on our own personal desires and issues and during this time competing groups and individuals will be vying for what that want and hope to accomplish and selfishness and extremes may rise to the top. As Aries sits across from the 7th house or the segment of the zodiac that rules marriage and partnerships, issues and conflicts in relationships may well crop up or relationships could come back together in some way. A new relationship begun on a retrograde Mars may be lacking in direction, or this could play out after Mars turns direct in November. Libra/Aries is also associated with war and peace, along with courts and the judiciary as we see currently playing out with the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett as a SCOTUS nominee.

Mars completes its powerful clash with Saturn on September 29th but this energy is still with us for the next few days as Mars approaches another clash with Pluto. The textbook definition of Mars-Saturn is frustration but we will also be dealing with anger issues, stress and emotions that can turn into seething irritation at a moment’s notice. 

Used constructively a great deal can be accomplished at this time due to Mars but it important to be aware of the pitfalls and limitations of these transits.  This full moon will affect those born under Aries-Libra, Cancer and Capricorn to a greater extent than others.

In the US chart, this full moon falls in the 4th house which rules the population. Its opposition to Saturn shows great unhappiness and discontent in the country and its square to the US Sun shows us there are many who do not like the direction of the US President, his agenda and the recent revelation he has paid little to no Federal income tax in the past decade. Saturn rules institutions such as the Supreme Court and other conservative bodies. Saturn is opposing the US chart’s Mercury bringing bitter and harsh speech and communication all month along with anger and debate. Issues could arise concerning finances as well as speeches and communication. While we have recently lost legal icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg this transit could indicate more death, including that from Covid which will be on the increase during October.


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