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Monday, October 4, 2021

October astrology: The planet of gain and expansion turns direct!


October brings a major shift in energies as 4 significant planets turn direct. Get ready for things to pick up steam on many different levels after Mercury (and Jupiter) turn direct October 18th.

Mercury remains retrograde for the first half of the month in the sign of Libra which rules relationships, partnerships, courts and marriage. Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter all turn direct this month and Jupiter goes direct on October 18th, the same day Mercury also changes direction. If Jupiter makes a positive aspect in your chart your may see benefits of some type or even financial gain in certain cases. The Sun transits through Libra this month and enters Scorpio on October 23rd. Venus, the planet of love and money transits through Scorpio and then enters Sagittarius. Mars, the action planet and ‘God of war’ completes its transit through peace loving Libra and enters Scorpio October 30th. We have a Libra new moon on October 6th and a powerful full moon in Aries October 20.

A change of direction this month

As we begin October, 6 out of 10 planets are still retrograde, most of them slow moving. The outer planets retrograde for several months every year, but this is not always completely obvious like retrograde Mercury is because they work on a more subtle level.

The first planet to turn direct is Pluto on October 6th. During Pluto’s retrograde anything that has been festering in the unconsciousness may force its way into the conscious at this time. Pluto’s direct motion is a powerful planetary change and things that have been hidden, both individually and collectively will start to show themselves for what they are. Legal situations that have been put on hold may move forward as can anything of this nature when Pluto turns direct.

Secrets or previously unknown information may suddenly be revealed or come out of the shadows at this time. Pluto rules the dark and hidden undercurrents, sex, bullies, nuclear energy and raw power or those who hold such power. Pluto also rules ultimate major change and transformation and typically when Pluto turns direct we see major events transpire in the world. With this powerful planet waking up we can see shifts in our own and the collective conscious over the next month.

Saturn is the next planet to turn direct on October 11th. Saturn is referred to as the taskmaster, and typically shows us where our boundaries are, often through more difficult circumstances. When Saturn is making a difficult aspect in your chart, the most challenging period typically plays out during the retrograde cycle which happens every year. During Saturn’s retrograde we often have to step back and take a look at where we are in life and where we are going. As Saturn moves forward, expect the things you are working on to pick up steam, and by now any issues connected with Saturn (depending on where it is located in your chart) that you have been working on should find resolution.

Both Mercury and Jupiter turn direct October 18th, and this will be the most obvious shift in energy. Mercury turns ‘stationary direct’ October 18-22. At this time Mercurial energy changes once again, and plans, ideas and your direction may change again as well. We are not quite out of the woods yet in terms of Mercury’s retrograde and at times this can be the most significant point of the retrograde along with the first few days after the retrograde begins. As Mercury begins to move forward again October 22, expect things to begin to level out and return to normal. That said there is still a post retrograde shadow period that lasts until November 3rd. But, as Mercury moves forward once again, so will we.

As Mercury turns direct we may pick up where we left off in late September as Mercury will once again transit through the sign of Libra until November 5th. As Mercury moves forward any issues in relationships, partnerships, marriage or matters relating to courts should begin to see resolution but we will remain focused on these matters until Mercury completes its transit through Libra which is not until November 5th.

Jupiter is the planet of growth, expansion and optimism and turned retrograde June 20th at 2 degrees of Pisces. July 28th Jupiter retrograded back into Aquarius where it will remain until the end of the year. Jupiter’s retrograde can be compared to a horse being trained to race. Instead of running wild and free, it learns when and how to run to win. As Jupiter turns direct we have done work on an inner level and are once again ready to start the race!

Jupiter is one of two financial planets, and if this is making a positive aspect in your chart, you could see gain and optimism. This is typically a time when hopefulness increases and we reach a turning point for the better. This should be an extra positive occurrence with both Jupiter and Mercury turning direct at 1:30AM and 11:17 AM EDT, respectively.

New and full moon in October

The New moon this month falls at 13 degrees of Libra on October 6th. The new moon joins a stellium, or a group of 3 planets-in this case, the Sun, Mars and Mercury all in the same sign, and this is a lot of Libra energy.

Libra is a generally peace loving sign ruled by planet Venus which is why it is linked to love and romance. Mercury is retrograde in Libra, bringing up issues to be resolved and at times we may connect with those from the past. As Mercury is retrograde sometimes events connected to the new moon can be delayed by a matter of days.

The Libra Moon is conjunct the Sun and Mars as well as Mercury. Sun-Mars can create a bold, courageous and dynamic type of energy, but egos may come into play as well. Moon-Mars can lead upsets and agitation concerning our emotions, home, the domestic scene and women in particular. This combination can relate to energy, initiative and passion, but also anger and potential violence. Moon-Mercury is associated with conversation, travel, pets and young people so communication is in the mix. This new moon marks an auspicious moment in the US natal chart, pointing to anger, disruption and potential volatility. In view of the fact Pluto turns direct about 6 hours after this new moon, it is likely we will see some significant event in the world and it could be volatile.

It is important to direct your energy into something constructive at this time as opposed to letting the energy direct you. If you do not direct the energy the more negative description of this Moon can manifest. If directed wisely it can lead to solid accomplishment.

Full moon in fiery Aries

This month’s full moon falls at 27 degrees of Aries. Aries is a hot fire sign so this will not be a laid back type of energy. Aries rules the first house of self and matters of self importance. As it opposes the 7th house (Libra) this full moon will have a theme of ‘we versus me’, and issues concerning marriage and partnerships may come up.

Because of the Libra Sun we are aware of a need for relationships with others and balance and compromise, but the Aries moon is self assertive.

As this full moon squares Pluto we may find ourselves caught in an emotional crossfire of emotions that may come up. Pluto is the planet of change and regeneration, but it also represents things and situations that can be revealed we were previously unaware of. Pluto rules sex, bullies, power structures, major change. It is possible we could get caught up in some type of situation where we could have to choose whether or not to move forward or change something altogether, which is not always negative. At best, something we have been working on could come together.

Mars squares Pluto and become exact the following day, October 21st. This increases the powerful and volatile potential of this full moon. Mars-Pluto is associated with anger, violence, complete change, fights, issues concerning joint finances and sex. Be aware of this energy, least you get dragged into an argument or angry moment you would rather avoid. Now will be the time to exercise patience, caution and good judgment.

In the US chart this moon represents unknown factors, issues concerning money, finances, communications, death and young people. There is a possibility we could see some type of violence or accident.

Other significant transits in October:

October 1-2, Mercury squares Pluto and Mercury is retrograde. At this time you may have to go back and repeat or re-consider something you may thought was finished. This is the 2nd pass of this aspect, having occurred earlier September 21-23rd. This aspect may uncover something of importance, and is considered an obsessive type of energy prone to irritation, arguments, accidents and those who may push their own viewpoints as well as propaganda. This aspect will repeat a 3rd time on November 2nd, when Mercury is direct.

October 7th Venus enters Sagittarius

When the planet of love and money enters Sagittarius things may get a lot more fun and interesting. This energy will be far different from the Scorpio energy we have become used to over the last number of weeks. While Scorpio is deep, intense and sometimes brooding, Sagittarius is lighter and buoyant and geared toward new experiences and living life to the fullest.

Venus in Sagittarius has been known to gallop away quickly if things get too heavy or serious, especially if a new relationship is involved. Typically, Sagittarius can be the most restless of signs and cannot stand to be bored or held back. Venus-Sagittarius does not like confrontations or discord and sometimes likes to wear rose colored glasses.

Sagittarius is associated with freedom and experimentation as well as jovial and upbeat times. Serious minded lovers may find this harder to deal with along with those who a looking for a commitment. Emotional drama does not typically go over well with Venus in this sign. Sagittarius is about expanding your outlook and definition of what pleases you. You may find yourself in a more idealistic mode over the next few weeks and expect your lover to keep up. This may singe the wing of the more sensitive types as can the typical Sagittarius blunt honesty.

Sagittarius love begins with friendship and may seem more like a universal type of love. Romantic adventures, truth and higher meaning are the qualities that will take priority during our time with Venus in this sign.

October 18th, Mars trines Jupiter. This gives an extra boost to Jupiter’s direct motion today. This energy can be exuberant and is a good day for presentations or approaching others in business or personal life.

October 22, the Sun squares Pluto. This aspect occurs several times a year and is indicative of change, regeneration, power struggles, and arguments and should be handled carefully and methodically. If you push someone, expect pushback. This will be another heavy news day.

October 22nd, the Sun enters Scorpio

The Sun enters Scorpio today and will remain here until November 21st. The Sun in Scorpio is the third sign of fall, and the time when the weather shifts toward winter.

Scorpio is a water sign like Cancer and Pisces with several big differences. Scorpio is considered the most intense sign of the zodiac and can be overly sensitive, brooding, mysterious, emotional and sexual. Scorpio can suffer from fits of jealousy at times unless they are highly evolved. On the other hand, Scorpio can be a loyal friend and trusted companion if you can ever break down their barriers get to know them well enough.

Words that describe Scorpio energy are brooding, self-contained, secretive, ambitious, deep, dark, determined, loyal, jealous, resentful, stubborn, controlling and transformative.

Each sign is connected to a planet or planets, and in this case Scorpio is connected to both Mars and Pluto. Mars is considered the planet of action and sex, and sex is something that Scorpio tends to be focused on with a laser like focus. Pluto is the planet of change and transformation or rebirth, and in a lifetime Scorpio can typically reinvent themselves many times. No one likes a comeback better than Scorpio.

Scorpio is the detective or investigator of the zodiac and turning up facts or unknown information is something that Scorpio can excel at. Scorpio takes little at face value and is always digging and searching for the truth and deeper meaning.

During the Scorpio season we must guard against paranoia, and very little will seem shallow at this time. Scorpio’s best qualities can become their worst qualities when it comes to trust and openness. Trust must be something earned for Scorpio and only after trust has been established can openness become a priority. Once trust is established however, you can have a friend for life, or until you do something to prove you are not worthy of the friendship. If this becomes the case you will be a persona non grata for life.

Mars enters Scorpio

October 30th, Mars joins the Sun and enters Scorpio and will begin its every other year transit through this sign where it will remain until December 13th this year.

In Scorpio, Mars is considered ‘at home’ in the most intense of signs and the natural ruler of the eighth house of death, taxes, other people's money, debt, and transformation.

This will create a significant energy shift as Mars in Libra has been ‘at its detriment,’ or in the sign it is least at home in. Mars in Scorpio is in the sign of its rulership, making it very effective and powerful for the time.

Mars is our ‘action’ planet and rules all personal action, courage and confidence, sex, men, police and military, to name a few.

While in this sign our actions are more driven and focused on getting what we want. We may feel as though we are more persevering and focused.

Mars-Scorpio can create a desire to experience more emotional depth and dig beneath the surface of things to find out what lies underneath our passions, motivations and actions.

We are not inclined to avoid important issues at this time as we may have been while Mars was in Libra. Mars-Scorpio can be attracted to crisis situations and view them as emotionally exciting or transformative in some way.

Mars in Scorpio should work well for the water and earth signs. There will be more challenges for those born with or under the fixed signs; Taurus, Leo Scorpio and Aquarius. As this begins a new 2 year Mars cycle for Scorpio, expect life to become very busy.



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