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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

A change of fate: The North and South nodes change signs


Our collective as well as personal destiny is shown in the North and South Nodes. These are not planets but calculated points in the chart. Everyone is born with both a North and South node, and every 18 months, the nodes change signs showing us where we are headed as a collective. Both nodes tell a story regarding our fate and destiny; the North node is where we are headed and the South node shows us what we need to leave behind or release. While the North Node is the ideal of what we hope to achieve, the South Node is what can hold us back.

January 19th, 2022 The North and South Nodes leave Gemini-Sagittarius for Taurus-Scorpio. The South node or the Scorpio energy is what we will be faced with releasing over the next year and a half. Scorpio is associated with subjects that are taboo and the darker side of human nature. Obsessions, manipulation, sex for personal gain, extreme emotional pain, intensity, suspicion and mistrust along with the darker side of the human psyche are all part of the collective karma we will need to release to make the best of the higher qualities of Taurus, which would be creating and focusing on our values, love (Taurus is ruled by Venus), serenity, taking care of the earth and each other, new sources of growing food for the world, getting value for our money, wisdom, peace and serenity. Everyone born over the next 18 months will experience the Nodes in these signs.

As Scorpio and Taurus are related to the 2nd/8th house axis this also shows us we will be focused on money and finances as a collective. This will include issues of income inequality, corporate greed, and those who have the most as well as the least. It will be up to us as a society to find balance between these two opposites.

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