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Monday, January 10, 2022

The astrology of 2022; A New story begins


Happy New Year! These are the most important astrological aspects of 2022:

Venus retrograde

Venus will remain retrograde until January 29th when it turns direct. During the Venus retrograde period we are typically drawn toward reconsidering our relationships and how they are serving our needs, as well as those of our partner. Now is the time to work out any underlying problems to build a stronger partnership if you are in one. Venus in Capricorn is about building slowly and succinctly so we may reach our desired goal in the end. Capricorn is a conservative sign prone toward moving slowly toward a commitment that will last whether it is romantic or something else. A retrograde planet is about going over ground from the past, sometimes re-thinking or reconsidering its affect and how we ourselves have changed.

Retrograde Venus is strongly connected with the past and those from the past. This can include old lovers, clients, friends and even family members. Feelings of past betrayals can sometimes creep in and now is the time to deal with these issues, and realize we cannot let our past determine our future. We might begin to do this by asking ourselves why we were or in a relationship that does or did not suit our needs to begin with and how we can avoid this in the future.

Some experienced difficult relationship issues or dealt with feelings of loss or betrayal in December when Venus was conjunct Pluto. This cycle will not be totally finished until Venus conjuncts Pluto for the final time March 3rd at which point Venus is direct. If the energy has been channeled correctly you may find that the old issues from the past are not quite so heavy along with the fact is we should all be wiser, smarter and more mindful as time goes on and we all evolve and grow.

Venus will not turn retrograde again until July 23, 2023-September 4th. The next time Venus will retrograde in the sign Leo.

If Venus is making a positive aspect in your personal chart as it turns direct sometimes this can indicate a new love or some other type of positive opportunity, depending on what it is hitting in your chart.

The Saturn-Uranus square

Saturn’s square to Uranus dominated the sky in 2021 and will remain with us the better part of 2022. This aspect has far reaching consequences for society that tend to play out over a long period of time and we may see great changes as well in our personal lives.

The last ‘exact’ aspect of Saturn’s square to Uranus occurred December 23rd, 2021. The planets are separating at the time of this post but the energy will continue to play in the background by varying degrees throughout the year. While this transit will not be ‘exact,’ as it was three times in 2021 it will nevertheless create change and often unpredictable events on the world stage and in our lives.

A square in astrology represents difficult circumstances and serious clashes. In 2021 we have seen political upheaval and investigations, a concerted effort toward election suppression and gerrymandering, restrictions of abortion rights, extreme weather conditions and disasters, Covid, mass shootings, a rise in crime and a decline in Democratic values in the US and around the world with the rise of authoritarian governments and extremists of many forms. We have also experienced inflation and a rise in food prices and shortages due to supply chain issues to name a few of the problems we encountered last year This aspect will be almost exact in January, very close together in August and September, and by October these two planets are less than 1 degree apart so they are almost exact. After October as the planets separate from each other they will not square each other again until 2043. The most significant dates in 2022 for this aspect are January, September and especially October.

If the Uranus-Saturn square falls on a sensitive point in your chart you can expect definite change, but some change will occur for everyone. We can continue to expect major geo-political changes and disruptions in the world this year as a result of this aspect.

Jupiter sextiles Uranus

Jupiter sextiles Uranus-exact on February 17th, and within an orb of influence January 3rd through the end of May. (Orb of influence means we will feel the energy of this aspect, even though it is not ‘exact.’)

This aspect is indicative of new, exciting and cutting edge ways of doing things, new opportunities and brings potential for financial gain. We could see new technology, drugs and any number of exciting new inventions or ideas. Uranus rules air and spacecraft and the Moon landing in 1969 occurred under a Jupiter-Uranus influence.

Opportunities may arise out of the blue, and you may sense a change in fortune in your life for the better which could well occur at this time. You may feel more creative, brilliant and ready for big change at this time. If Uranus and Jupiter aspect something in your personal chart you may indeed experience a significant advancement or opportunity.

Jupiter is expansive and could involve education, medicine, legal matters and the law, philosophy or religion. We may see new ideas come to fruition for the benefit of mankind. This aspect indicative of new growth on many levels.

Jupiter conjuncts Neptune in Pisces-Exact on April 12, 2022 and within an orb of influence March-May 10th. There will be a slight influence again late October-December 20th.

This is a beautiful aspect which will place a focus on creativity, the arts, the collective imagination and could be one of the dreamiest and most romantic periods we could experience for a long time to come.  Spirituality will play a role in this along with faith and compassion. We could see great strides in the arts, TV, movies and the media. Dreams may be vivid, and it could seem there is magic in the air. Jupiter and Neptune are both in the sign of their rulership making this aspect very powerful but we must keep our feet on the ground as well.

Pisces is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions so this aspect can be a double edged sword for some. Neptune is associated with confusion, delusion, propaganda and lies. It could be a difficult time in terms of judging truth from fiction so we will need to use our heads and do the research before believing much of what we see and hear at this time. What seems real may not be real and what doesn’t seem real may be fact. It won’t especially be easy to sort things out especially since there will be individuals and entities who want to gaslight, confuse, lie and distort the facts for their own personal gain. While spirituality will be important for many during this time, this aspect will also bring out religious zealots, and those who cloak their actions under the guise of religion but in fact are extremists, cults or have a thirst for power.This will play out on the world stage but could occur in our own lives as well. Be careful about signing contracts, joining new ventures, getting involved with strangers or making financial or other commitments unless you are fully aware of the circumstances and who you are dealing with. As Neptune rules infectious diseases we may hear more news in this realm as well, especially relating to Covid.

Jupiter sextiles Pluto-exact May 3rd, with an orb of influence from mid-March.

Under this aspect you will feel the ability, courage and strength to believe you can do something significant in the world.

You may be admired for your leadership activities and abilities and should do well communicating with groups or organizations at this time. Personal development can occur now as you strive for success based on past work, education or learning. It is an opportune time to give up any bad habits without a great deal of stress.

This is a positive aspect in the world for reaching compromise with groups over matters concerning government solutions, financial matters and the law.

Group communications and activities should be greatly enhanced.

Jupiter enters Aries May 11-October 28, 2022.

If Jupiter in Pisces is about recognizing your true dreams, then Jupiter in Aries will be about putting your dreams and ideas into action. Jupiter will zoom through Pisces during the first 4 months of the year and enter Aries May 11th, where it will remain until October 28th. From October 28-December 20th it will return to Pisces and re-enter Aries again December 20-May 16, 2023.

Aries is a fire sign and its planetary ruler is Mars, the planet of action. With Jupiter in Aries, our actions can often be self serving. This is not necessarily bad, but it is important to remember we are all part of the human community.

Jupiter in Aries will cause us to identify strongly with our own opinions, beliefs and perceptions of things in our lives and around us. These feelings will be amplified when Mars also enters Aries May 24th-July 5th.  Jupiter and Mars will join Venus in Aries May 24-28th creating a powerful stellium (3 planets or more) in this sign. This will be a short but auspicious period that will bring up a certain amount of anger, revelations or deep seated resentment as Venus will square Pluto during these few days, especially May 26th.

Aries is also connected to courage, so Jupiter’s time in this sign may allow us to step out of our comfort zone, take the lead and perhaps even inspire others. Aires likes to live in the now and seldom dwells on the past.  Competition may increase in many areas as well as belief in ourselves and our abilities.

Every sign has its negative manifestations and if the downside of Pisces is disillusionment and lack of clarity or escapism, the downside of Aries can be too much zeal, a me first attitude and lack of objectivity.

All in all, Aries is a positive and goal oriented sign. It is considered at its fall in Aries which means the energy will not operate as easily or comfortably as Jupiter in Pisces, but each sign has a purpose and while in Aries we should make headway on what we hope to achieve.

Jupiter’s retrograde July 28-November 23rd

Jupiter turns retrograde July 28th while in Aries and will not turn direct until November 23rd when it is back in Pisces at 28 degrees.

In some instances, money matters can be delayed when Jupiter retrogrades, but it does not totally take away the beneficial rays of Jupiter.

At times when Jupiter is retrograde if a positive aspect is being made, whatever is being shown may not be delivered, or not meet our expectations. If so, Jupiter will return again to this degree later in the year, and positive results may occur then.

Jupiter retrogrades every year for about 4 months. Jupiter’s retrograde is a good time to enlarge your internal dialogue to see where you can expend and expand your personal perspective and a great deal is often accomplished on an inner level.

As Jupiter retrogrades back into Pisces we will be once more at risk of another Covid outbreak. Covid greatly increased during the retrograde of Pisces that began in May of 2021. That said, Jupiter-Pisces may well bring medical advancements or new drugs to fight this disease as well. Jupiter in Pisces will be many things of a positive nature; most of all hope.


The North and South Nodes enter Taurus-Scorpio; A changing of the guard

Everyone is born with a North and South node. These are not planets, but astrological points that show us what we need to release in life (the South Node, associated with past lives) and the North Node which shows us our future or our destiny.

Every 18 months the nodes shift, showing us where our collective destiny is headed. For the past 18 months the nodes have been in Sagittarius-Gemini, showing us we need to expand our ideas (Gemini).

The impact of the South Node in Sagittarius has been unmistakable; blind belief systems, leading to absolute opinions and in accordance with the darker side of Sagittarius, putting two and two together to come up with five, conspiracy theories or unproven information taken at face value, blindly. Sagittarius is known to ‘live for danger,’ and this has certainly played out with the politicalization of the Covid vaccine and lack of mask wearing among those who wish to make a statement. The result of that statement can be seen in the hospitals and health care systems on the brink of collapse.

The nodes retrograde into Scorpio-Taurus on January 19th, changing our collective destiny once again. A simple way of looking at the nodes is this; if the South Node is the problem, then the North node is the solution to the problem. Yet another way of approaching the nodes is to say the South node is our unresolved karma, and the North node is where we are supposed to be headed.

The collective, of which we are all a part of will soon face the messy, dark, secretive and murky waters of South Node Scorpio energy, that no one wants to talk about or face. The darker side of Scorpio deals with obsessions, manipulations, societal taboos, death, sex, money, the darker side of life. Scorpio in fact, rules the dark of the night and the deep and intense wounds we may feel that we will never recover from as Scorpio tears down and destroys, only to rebuild. Scorpio deals with painful extremes and extreme transitions such as that of life to death. Let’s not forget that Scorpio is also about sex and all kinds of problems associated with sex. It is really no surprise that the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, the longtime companion of Jeffery Epstein occurred just days before the shift of the nodes. (The mean nodes actually shifted on December 22. The difference between the mean and true nodes has to do with their calculation. The position of the nodes can teeter a bit so astrologers factored this in and called this position the True Node).

The Maxwell trial has brought out one of the darker sides of humanity; the sexual exploitation and abuse of minors, and by a woman no less. As she has been convicted of 5 out of 6 counts against her the jury has clearly shown a willingness to go there, and face one of the darkest of societal taboos. This is one example of of the type of thing the South Node in Scorpio will deal with and in all likelihood we will see a great deal more of this type of scandal coming out into the open to be dealt with by society.

The elixir or the remedy for all of this Scorpionic madness will be to embrace the higher side of the North node in Taurus. Taurus is ruled by Venus the planet of love, and love is the answer. Taurus is stable, reliable, hard working, and driven. While Taurus appreciates fine things and wants value for their money, South Node Scorpio can be too caught up in drama, materialism, financial and other obsessions and the finances of others. Taurus North node wants to be self reliant, fair and above board. Personal grounding will become important with the North Node in Taurus, which is something society is desperately lacking at this time. Connections with others will become more important as well as a simpler lifestyle, while shedding the drama, intensity and in some cases greed of the South Node in Scorpio. Healing will be important with the North node in Taurus, especially on a collective level. Other manifestations of North node Taurus will be caring for the earth, exploring different mechanisms for farming and food production and distribution, and a greater focus on income equality. This could take the form of a higher minimum wage, tax changes that do not focus on the wealthiest, and a general appreciation for the low paid front line workers that we have learned are invaluable throughout Covid. Defining our worth within society is another example of how the North node in Taurus may manifest, as well as the value of others. Patience and tolerance is perhaps the most important lesson we can learn from Taurus in the North node.


2022 Eclipses

In 2022 we will experience two solar eclipses and two lunar eclipses. The dates are April 30th-lunar, May 16th-solar, October 25th-solar and November 8th-lunar.

All of these eclipses fall on the 2nd/8th house axis and they are all in Taurus/Scorpio. The 8th house axis (Scorpio) relates to money, other people’s money, taxes, sex, death, hidden information and major transformations. As Taurus is the natural ruler of the 2nd house this will concern income, money, values and self worth. These will be re-occurring themes throughout the year, and it appears there will be a greater focus on money and values.

April 30th’s lunar eclipse falls at 10 degrees of Taurus. There are two stelliums featured in this eclipse that include Pisces and Taurus. A stellium is a group of three or more planets. Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune are all in Pisces. Jupiter conjunct Venus is a beautiful transit that only occurs once a year. This aspect is typical of social activity, compassion, creativity and spirituality. This aspect sextile Pluto giving it the power to help us change any number of things at this time with ease.

The 2nd stellium involves the Sun, Moon Uranus and the North node all in Taurus. Taurus relates to money and values, and as the Sun and Moon are conjunct Uranus this eclipse is likely to bring about some sudden and unexpected events. All of these planets get support from Mars, putting us in a position to make positive change if we desire.

The May 16th lunar eclipse falls at 25 degrees of Scorpio, bringing up 8th house matters. This moon squares Saturn which typically results in dealing with obligations or work, and some things may end. The Sun also squares Saturn, creating a t-square which is a difficult aspect involving three planets; an opposition and two squares. We may be pulled in many different directions but the moon does receive support from Pluto, Mars and Neptune. We can expect this eclipse to be intense, dramatic and we may be pulled in many different directions.

October 25th another solar eclipse falls at 2 degrees of Scorpio. The sun, Moon and Venus are all in Scorpio and this can create a positive energy geared toward love and social activities. Mars squares Neptune just before this eclipse and the energy remains with us a few days. This can be foggy confusing and prone to lies, distortions and propaganda. Otherwise, with the Sun, Moon and Venus conjunct we should expect some positive energy that can be channeled in whatever direction we choose.

November 8th brings the final lunar eclipse at 16 degrees of Taurus. This moon is conjunct Uranus in Taurus and both planets oppose the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio. This is an eclipse prone to unexpected events, breakups and misunderstandings and it could be accident prone. A day earlier Venus squares Saturn which can create possibilities of misunderstanding, relationships problems and issues around money. Now will be the time to let go of things that have outlived their purpose in your life.

Mars retrogrades

October 30th Mars turns retrograde and will remain so until January 12, 2023.. Mars is the action planet of the zodiac. It rules our actions, drive, energy and passion, men, sex and even war. The 'red planet" speaks of the confidence of an individual and how they act out their lives. Mars in Gemini is in Mercury’s sign, so our actions will be highly colored by conversation, speech and a desire to communicate freely with people.

When Mars retrogrades we can suffer from irritation, anger and low energy. Things may slow down, speech can become confused as Mars in Mercury’s sign, and retrograde Mars in any sign can be accident prone.

A well known astrologer teacher once said, ‘when Venus goes retrograde the men chase the women, and when Mars is retrograde the women chase the men.’  Since Mars rules half of the population, this aspect can definitely affect relationships, communication and many other facets of your life depending on where Gemini falls in your personal chart.

The stationary retrograde and direct periods of Mars are the most important times, unless Mars is setting off a sensitive point in your own personal chart.

Mars enters its pre-retrograde shadow period August 31st signifying a period when Mars energy starts to subtly shift. The closer Mars moves to its retrograde the more we will feel the energy.

As the stationary retrograde/direct periods of Mars are the most important, this is even more so the case if Mars aspects any planets in your own birth chart. If this is the case, significant events can occur, and combative situations may crop up or you could experience health related issues-typically not serious, or even accidents. What exactly will happen depends on where Gemini falls your own chart and what else is in your chart at the time.

The stationary retrograde period when it becomes obvious Mars energy is changing is October 30th- November 8th.

When Mars retrogrades people seem to accomplish more if they are in a crisis state. This typically occurs with people born with a retrograde Mars, or a Mars that goes retrograde by progression. Many people complain of low energy during this time, and plans can be delayed. Sometimes, people need to back up, reassess, and slow down some for a time. It is best not to start new projects, relationships or even jobs if possible on a retrograde Mars as the situation may change when Mars turns direct.

All retrograde planets are associated with events that are sometimes considered karmic, or meant to be. They are also associated with the past in some way, and we typically retrace some of our earlier steps.

Mars will turn ‘stationary direct’ at 8 degrees of Gemini January 12-25, 2023. This is the second most important period, when things may change once again or take another direction. If Mars makes a positive aspect in your chart when it turns direct you may expect some significant action or things may really pick up in some way. If Mars makes a difficult transit you can expect to be dealing with a challenge of some sort.

The post retrograde shadow period will last until March 15, 2023, and at this point energy will be completely normal once again.

May 2022 be your best year yet!



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