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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Aquarius New Moon: change, revolution, unpredictability


February’s New Moon falls on February 1, at 12 degrees of Aquarius. Aquarius is the natural ruler of the 11th house of friends and groups in astrology. It is also considered a humanitarian sign that deals with the collective, so this New Moon will affect all of us to some degree.

You will feel the urge to connect and mingle with others at this time and interact with friends and those around you as Aquarius is a very social sign. Freedom and independence will be a theme with this moon, especially as it will clash with Uranus.

Independence and being your authentic self is important now as opposed to being concerned with what others think. The most important consideration at this time will be what do you think, and how can I express my true wants, desires and needs with others.  You could join a group, political cause, establish new friendships or participate in group activities of some sort and it is possible for new beginnings in any of these areas.

With Aquarius, now is the time to think outside the box and perhaps even participate in a ‘brainstorming,’ session of some sort. Aquarius sparks new ideas, new visions and new and different ways of approaching things. Tried and true solutions may be a positive, but this is the time to look toward the future along with better, if not cutting edge types of solutions and ideas. For some, technology will be important as Uranus rules the high tech world, internet and all electronic communication.

Aquarius’s detached and logical thinking is a plus at this time and allows us to rise above emotional problems and issues and look at situations as though we were watching a movie; perhaps seeing and understanding your own role in a less emotional manner.  This can help us break away from destructive issues, habits and even people who have outlived their purpose in our lives. Aquarius strongly aligns with the future, not the past.

This moon is conjunct Saturn suggesting a somber attitude that can lean toward depressing if not channeled correctly. Saturn is all about work and obligations and can also give us great determination but there could be some blockage or reticence involved.

The moon’s square to Uranus makes this an unpredictable full moon full of twists and turns that may be of an unexpected nature. Be ready for the unexpected or at the very least to try something different today.

This is not the time to place others under pressure to conform as it could cause the relationship to break or end. You could feel restless, agitated, or have a strong desire to follow a new path. Some relationships may end at this time, especially if they are unstable and without strong bonds or direction.

In the collective we may expect sudden events that could involve rebellions, attempted takeovers, issues concerning women, the elderly and a great deal of changeability on the world stage. The alignment of this moon sets off the current Uranus-Saturn square which means events on the world stage may be large and involve explosions or explosive situations, conflict, breaking free or attempts to change the status quo. This new moon sets off a significant Uranus transit in Vladimir Putin’s chart along with the chart of President Joe Biden.

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