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Monday, May 23, 2022

Mars enters Aries!


Mars is the planet of action that rules the way we approach things, take action and go after what we want. It also rules men and sex. Mars enters Aries on May 24th and will remain here until July 5th.

For the past 5 and half weeks Mars has been in gentle laid back Pisces. We will experience quite an energetic shift when Mars enters Aries.

Mars is at home in this sign which means it operates well and is extremely powerful.  Aries rules the first house of self, so we will be interested in furthering our own interests most of all during this 7 week cycle of Mars. We will evaluate what we want and go after it whether it is a job, an idea, or even a romantic partner.

This begins a new Mars cycle as Mars once again crosses the ‘world point’ or 0 degrees of Aries and starts its two year trip through the zodiac once again. The ‘world point’ is associated with events on the world stage than can affect us all and give us an extra dose of get-up-and-go. Mars conjuncts the Moon as it enters the first sign of the zodiac at 7:17PM, EDT adding an extra boost of energy that can make us extremely busy or agitated; especially women and issues relating to women or our emotional life. The red planet will enter Aries with a bang!

Mars in Aries likes to take control of things and can increase our personal drive and ambition. Expect this to be a spontaneous, forward looking and action oriented period. Winning may become more important and Aries can be quite competitive. We will pursue things in a more straight forward manner, which is the opposite of Mars in Pisces that often approaches things from a sideways and intuitive perspective. Aries is typically confident, optimistic and does not let grass grow under their feet.

The downside of Aries is impatience, arrogance and self-centeredness. While we pursue our goals in a very direct manner, we can express anger in the same manner which can turn many more sensitive people off or create hard feelings.

Aries is considered a pioneering sign not afraid of trying out new ideas and concepts and approaches life head on. Some famous people with Mars in Aries include Steve Jobs, Stephen Hawking, Bernie Sanders, Nicolas Sarkozy, Monica Lewinsky, Queen Victoria, Caroline Princess of Hanover, Martha Stewart, David Letterman and Priscilla Presley.

Independence, confidence and courage are all Aries qualities that we can embrace during this period. As Aries rules the first house of the zodiac this can be a time for new beginnings, new experiences and new and greater confidence in our own abilities to inspire others and lead. We will have plenty of opportunities to put our ideas and plans to the test when Mars enters Taurus after July 5th.

The most significant Mars in Aries will make occurs on July 1st when Mars squares Pluto. While this aspect holds the potential to transform something with a lot of work, it can also relate to power struggles and those who try and push their weight around. It is advisable to avoid any contentious issues over the next few days when the energy will settle down once again.



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