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Monday, May 2, 2022

May astrology 2022; Jupiter enters Aries!


This month Jupiter, or the planet of luck and gain leaves Pisces and enters optimistic Aries where it will remain for nearly 6 months. Saturn in Aquarius reaches 25 degrees where it will stop in preparation of turning stationary retrograde in early June. Mars, the planet of action will finish its cycle in Pisces and enter energetic Aries while Venus the planet of love and beauty transits through Taurus and Gemini. The Sun finishes its cycle in Taurus and enters the mutable sign of spring; Gemini. Mercury turns retrograde for the second time this year, and we will experience a powerful lunar eclipse in Scorpio and a New Moon in Gemini. Now, the details.

Jupiter enters Aries

Jupiter is consider the ‘greater benefic’ and leaves Pisces for Aries May 10th, where it will remain until October 28th. It will then retrograde back into Pisces once more and remain here in the late degrees of the sign until December 20th. Typically during any given year, Jupiter dips its toes into the next sign for a few months so we can get a feel for what each   sign will bring before it begins its complete transit through any given sign.

When Jupiter enters Aries, Fire signs in particular will benefit. While Jupiter in Pisces rules the 12th house of the zodiac things that are hidden from view such as spirituality and intuition, Aries rules the first house of self and is very expansive in nature.

Jupiter in Aries is fast paced, exuberant and we may feel a surge of confidence and desire to lead and take action. Jupiter always widens our perspective and this will occur on a personal level as the planet of luck transits through the sign ruled by Mars.

Aries/Mars is considered a bold, assertive and pioneering sign. We will be more focused on ourselves, our goals and may feel much more energized than when Jupiter was in Pisces. Jupiter-Aries can inspire a type of bravery and more energy to take and accept risk. This is a positive goal oriented sign and we will be working on our own personal interests while Jupiter is in Aries. Aries does not like restriction or limitation and does not let grass grow under its feet. The downside of Jupiter-Aries is reaching too far, too fast, and as it rules the first house of self it is important to remember other people have their own goals just as we do. Aries can be rash, impulsive and brash at times, but this is seldom the intent. At times, Aries can generate a type of playfulness and idealism and enjoys being free and unfettered. You can be your own best cheerleader while Jupiter transits through this sign and it is quite possible your optimism and confidence will take you beyond any self imposed limitations during this time.

We can expect to see some advances in the US as Jupiter sextiles Uranus in the US chart during the summer months. This can relate to job growth, and advances in healthcare and public health. Uranus represents cutting edge technology, air and spacecraft along with technological advances.

Mercury retrogrades

Mercury turns retrograde May 10th at 4 degrees of Gemini and will remain in its 3 week cycle until June 3rd. When Mercury retrogrades things tend to break down, get cancelled, slow down and confusion or lack of clarity frequently occurs especially during the ‘stationary retrograde’ period May 10-15th. Mercury retrograde is a 3 week cycle of re-doing, re-considering and readjusting our actions and expectations for the time. It is not the time to get married or engaged, buy high ticket items or begin important undertakings if it can be avoided. It is time however, to clean out the closets both literally and metaphorically. Frequently when Mercury retrogrades we uncover new information we need to move forward in the most competent manner.

Retrograde Mercury relates to the past along with things and people from the past. We often re-connect with those we have known before and they could be friends, clients or even romantic partners.

Since Mercury turns retrograde in one of the signs it rules this will affect communication, speech and thinking to a greater degree than in other signs so we will have to make a bigger effort to present ourselves clearly in terms of our communication with others, and listen carefully when others are communicating with us. Expect to make more errors in writing and communicating especially when it comes to detailed subjects. Caution is also required while driving as Mercury rules travel as well.

Mercury stations to turn direct June 3rd-9th. When this happens we can often expect a change in course once again, new information is sometimes uncovered and glitches tend to pop up again just when you think it is over.  Once Mercury begins to move forward again after June 8th we can expect things to begin to straighten out and return to normal.

Mercury turns direct June 3rd and Saturn retrogrades the next day; June 4th. Mercury will be in a square or a clash with Saturn from May 30th-June 13th. Mercury square Saturn aspects are tiring, and can lean toward the negative in terms of communication and our thinking. This will affect all who have fixed signs from 25-27 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

Saturn square Mercury occurred for the first time April 24th before Mercury’s retrograde.  Go back and look at this date as themes tend to repeat themselves during Mercury retrograde. This will be a serious 2 week period. You can accomplish a great deal at this time if caution and negative thoughts can be limited and contained.

Mercury retrogrades through two signs

Mercury first entered Taurus April 11-May 2nd in its direct mode. Mercury repeats this cycle during its three week retrograde when it moves from Gemini back into Taurus May 24th-June 13th. Expect similar themes to come up again as they did during Mercury’s first cycle in April. The difference will be that now you may reconsider ideas that came about during the earlier cycle or you may uncover different information than what you had the first time around. Things may have to be fixed, changed or reconsidered in a different way.

Now is a great time to go over finances, investments, insurance matters, mortgages, taxes, debt or anything else of a financial nature and make changes that will suit your current situation in a better way.

 As Venus is the ruler of Taurus she becomes the star of the show, and of course, Venus rules love, money and values. Sometimes we can reconsider relationships and whether they are working for us and vice versa. The downside of Mercury/Taurus can have to do with a stubborn unwillingness toward change. As Taurus is a fixed sign, change comes slowly with Mercury in this sign, and once a decision is made it is often irrevocable. This quality will be even more pronounced with Mercury’s retrograde.

Powerful solar eclipse in Scorpio

May15-16th (depending on where you live) we will experience a lunar eclipse that falls at 25 degrees of Scorpio. This is a total lunar eclipse that can be seen in most of North American except in some Northwestern regions. 

Scorpio is the sign that rules the 8th house of death and transformation, other people’s money, taxes and debt, sex and the mysteries of life. Scorpio’s rulers are Mars and Pluto. Mars deals with our action and aggression and Pluto is associated with major changes and transformation.

This is the companion eclipse to the April 30th solar eclipse in Taurus. Taurus-Scorpio rule the 8th-2nd house axis in astrology which concerns money and resources, partner’s money and debt and for many there will be a focus on financial matters over this two week period between eclipses.

While the Moon gets support from Mars, Neptune and Pluto it still squares or clashes with Saturn. Saturn is the planet of restriction and responsibility so this moon can coincide with personal responsibilities and its square to Saturn can create tiredness and a certain degree of negative or very serious feelings and emotional responses depending on what it hits in your personal chart.

Mars conjunct Neptune is a tiring and confusing aspect that leans toward the stimulation of emotional impulses and subconscious desires and feelings. It can also relate to spiritual pursuits and healing as well as artistic and psychic or intuitive endeavors at best. At worst this aspect is associated with addictions, drugs, alcohol and delusion. This transit alone will not create any of these issues however, that do not already exist.

Now is the time to transform areas of your life that need change. The change may not be easy but the Moon’s sextile to Pluto will give impetus and even a desire to do so.

Eclipses almost always bring some type of surprise or unexpected event. An eclipse is like a street light showing us the way and what our focus should be on for at least 30 days and typically much longer.

A full moon eclipse is a time to release negativity and with the Moon’s sextile to Pluto get rid of negative emotions and feelings that can drag us down so we may transform our inner life into something more positive and potentially useful.

The Sun enters Gemini

May 20th the Sun enters Gemini and the Gemini season is on! The Sun will remain in the sign ruled by Mercury until June 21st when the Summer solstice occurs. Gemini is the mutable sign of spring when the weather begins to change and shift toward summer. Like the weather, we too are under the influence of a mutable sign which means we are more changeable at this time than others. We may change our minds, and even direction during the next four weeks sometimes more than once.

 If the Taurus season is about being grounded and luxuriating in sensuality and connectedness with the earth, The Gemini season is more intellectual, loquacious, upbeat, free spirited and open to change. 

Gemini is an intellectual Air sign ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, travel, young people and pets. The Gemini season will inspire social activity, conversation, new ideas and a focus of our energies outwardly and into the world.

Air signs are typically full of ideas and plans and while the Sun is in Gemini our energies will be directed much more toward others. Air signs are full of mental energy that can sometimes seem to move at the speed of light, activities and communication pick up and you may feel that ideas come so rapidly you can hardly remember everything. This will be especially true while Mercury retrogrades in Gemini.

Gemini is observant of the world and all surroundings. At times this sign can be considered ‘airheaded’ or duplicitous but much of the time this can be attributed to the fact that Gemini is changeable and always looking for the better solution and all sides of the problem. Gemini can often take a neutral approach to problems as they search for a logical as opposed to emotional answer. Never underestimate Gemini’s remarkable ability to see all sides of an equation.

Sometimes this energy can seem unpredictable and restless. You may find your time is split in many different directions and your curiosity piqued on different levels. Enjoy the natural curiosity and desire to interact with others during the Gemini season. Engaging with the world can be a rewarding experience especially given the past years with Covid.

Use this time to express all sides of yourself and enjoy things that are a little offbeat rest assured, it won’t be boring!

Mars enters Aries

Mars is the planet of action that rules the way we approach things, take action and go after what we want. It enters Aries on May 24th and will remain her until July 5th.

For the past 5 and half weeks Mars has been in gentle laid back Pisces. We will experience something quite different when Mars enters Aries.

Mars is at home in this sign which means it operates well and is very powerful.  Aries rules the first house of self, so we will be interested in furthering our own interests most of all during this 7 week cycle of Mars.

Mars in Aries likes to take control of things and can increase our personal drive and ambition. Expect this to be a spontaneous, forward looking and thinking period. Winning may become more important and Aries can be quite competitive.

We will pursue things in a more straight forward manner, which is the opposite of Mars in Pisces. Aries is typically confident, optimistic and does not let grass grow under their feet.

The downside of Aries is impatience, arrogance and self-centeredness. While we pursue our goals in a very direct manner, we can express anger in the same manner which can turn many more sensitive people off.

Independence, confidence and courage are all Aries qualities that we can embrace during this period. As Aries rules the first house of the zodiac this can be a time for new beginnings, new experiences and new and greater confidence in our own abilities to inspire others and lead. We will have plenty of opportunities to put our ideas and plans to the test when Mars enters Taurus after July 5th.

Venus enters Taurus

The planet of love, beauty and values changes signs once again and enters Taurus May 28th where it will remain until June 23rd.

Venus is at home in Taurus which is one of the signs it rules.

Venus in Taurus will be a significant change from self oriented Venus in Aries. Over the next few weeks there will be a greater focus on love, money, luxury items or beauty, beautiful things, relationships and values. Venus is happy and lavish in this sign and you may feel a desire to surround yourself with richness on many different levels whether it is art, clothes, jewelry, calming music or rich food. Go ahead and enjoy Venus in Taurus which relates to the most basic of comforts: touch, smell, sensuality, beauty, comfort and food. Venus in this sign takes us back to the basics of life and we can indulge and luxuriate in the simpler things that make us the happiest on an inner level.

Now is the time to focus on relationships, and putting your emotions and feelings first, ahead of work or other heavy demands. This can be a relaxed, sensual period of time where we are focused on the physical, the beautiful, and we can connected to the earth and outdoors as Taurus is an Earth sign. Plan a walk or hike, and get grounded by Mother Earth. Typically this is a great time for planting and getting your garden under control if you are inclined in this way. Taurus is typically considered fruitful and the best sign for planting whether it is a large country or urban garden or houseplants on a balcony or in a window.

By seeking pleasure in all of its most basic forms and with others this period typically embodies harmony and can be a beautiful, chilled out and relaxed period that won’t return again for another year.

May’s New Moon

May’s New Moon falls at 9 degrees of Gemini on May 30th. Gemini is the natural ruler of the 3rd house of the zodiac which rules speech and communication, travel and immediate family members as well as neighbors and your immediate area.

This moon is about communication! Expect conversation, emails and meetings to pick up along with your pace of thinking.  Mercury is square Saturn and it is retrograde. With this aspect you may be forced to take responsibility for you words, or you may simply act in a responsible manner when communicating with others which will provide the best outcome. Sometimes Mercury-Saturn aspects can relate to harsh words, so be aware of this and delays can occur. This aspect can also be tiring and lean slightly toward the negative as Saturn rules fear, feelings of restriction and emotional depression.

As this Moon sextiles Chiron, known as the ‘wounded healer’ this is a time to reflect upon and heal any deep seated wounds that may be affecting your life. At this time the healing is easier and may even occur through conversations with others who can present a different point of view.


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