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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

May New Moon in Gemini


May’s New Moon falls at 9 degrees of Gemini on May 30th, which is Memorial Day in the US. Gemini is the natural ruler of the 3rd house of the zodiac which rules speech and communication, travel and immediate family members as well as neighbors and your immediate area. Gemini has a duality to it, as represented by the twins. This is a changeable sign (mutable) with a reputation of having more than one personality. In fact, mutable signs are always changing and evolving and looking at all sides of things. This moon is about communication. Expect conversation, emails and meetings to pick up along with your pace of thinking.

Mercury rules many things; conversation, travel and children. Unfortunately in the US we have suffered another tragedy with another mass shooting in TX. At the time of this post at least 19 kids are dead along with 2 teachers at Uvalde High School. In December of 2012 we experienced an eclipse at 9 degrees of Gemini within days of that terrible massacre, and when the Parkland High School shooting occurred in 2018, the full moon was in Aquarius, but the last quarter of it was in Gemini. My thoughts are with all of those who lost loved ones. It is my hope that those who can, do something to create sensible gun laws in the US before this happens again. I could write page pages on this, but it is neither the time nor place.  In the US, this New Moon is conjunct Uranus. This shows a highly agitated and upset population, and there is a possibility of other unexpected events happening in the US.

Mercury is square Saturn and it is retrograde. With this aspect you may be forced to take responsibility for you words, or you may simply act in a responsible manner when communicating with others which will provide the best outcome. Sometimes Mercury-Saturn aspects can relate to harsh words, so be aware of this and delays can occur. This aspect can also be tiring and lean slightly toward the negative as Saturn rules fear, feelings of restriction and emotional depression.

As this Moon sextiles Chiron, known as the ‘wounded healer’ this is a time to reflect upon and heal any deep seated wounds that may be affecting your life. At this time the healing is easier and may even occur through conversations with others who can present a different point of view.

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