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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Choppy waters ahead but Mercury turns direct

Enjoy the calm before the storm Thursday as the Moon enters Scorpio in the early morning hours. It will trine Neptune and sextile Jupiter and this is pleasant enough.

However, by Friday morning we are looking at a grand cross in the sky as the Moon opposes Mercury (retrograde), which can bring problems with communication and stubbornness on the part of ourselves or others, and of course we are dealing with the deceptive and convoluted t-square between Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune that affects us all summer.

By early Saturday morning the Moon opposes Venus and this can indicate problems with relationships, before the Moon moves into Sagittarius and the energetic and war like Full Moon falls in Sagittarius early Saturday evening.

Sunday, brings another grand cross, as the Sun opposes Mars and if you aren't careful this can manifest as an ego related disagreement. The Moon will square Neptune and Jupiter during the day, and this can be confusing or anxiety provoking.

All is not lost though, and at least Mercury turns direct at 9:20 AM, EST Sunday morning, so as we move into the new week, maybe things will pick up some and we can get closer to being back to normal.

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