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Monday, May 2, 2016

May 2016: Five planets retrograde, the magic of stillness

May will be a pivotal month as the T-square between Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn becomes exact and extends throughout June. In all actuality the energies of this t-square will be with us for the next five months and it is worth your time to click on the above link and read about this aspect, especially if you have planets in your chart in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces.

A T-square is a potent transit that combines the energies of all three planets. Jupiter rules money, men and expansion to name a few. Saturn shows us where our limits and limitations are and Neptune dissolves, transcends, and often clouds the pictures. These energies do not combine easily and many things will shift in our lives as this transit will reveal  some things previously unknown if it hasn't already.

Most people are dealing with some kind of problem at this time. If nothing else, there may be a nagging sense of fear, doubt and lack of clarity as to where we are going. Some people have experienced loss of relationships or other situations that lead to sadness and a lack of clarity about the future. For others there is an underlying sense of anger and frustration, without a clear path being revealed at this time.

And yet, this is not all bad. Some things will be uncovered that need to be, both lies and untruths, or you could experience a sense that you should have known something that you didn't. Things will be slower and take longer to accomplish. Be careful what you believe, and yet we have to continue to believe. It's a thin line to walk and this energy will be with us until fall.  We have to live each day and find good in it. Let go of those things that show themselves to be false, make peace with the rest, and know that all things serve a purpose.

At the time of this post five planets are retrograde. This is an unusual occurrence to have half of the planets astrologers look at in retrograde. Mercury turned retrograde in Taurus, April 29, and goes direct on May 22.  Of course retrograde Mercury slows things down, reveals previously unknown information, and can deal with broken equipment and other situations that need to be fixed. In Taurus, communication may be slow, but once decisions are made they are final. This is the time to re-access and re-do, not move forward.

Many people don't like things slowed down, but it is in your benefit to re-access/review rather than start new projects and be filled with frustration. There is magic is the stillness and slowdown of activity if you take the time to reflect and remember that which you thought you had forgotten long ago.

Retrograde Mars deals with our energy level, and can also slow things down. People can become prone to accidents, frustration and anger, sometimes because things aren't moving quickly. This is not the time to start a fight with anyone as you may be the loser. Neither is it the time to have elective surgery or start a business. As Mars rules men, they may seem to go retrograde. Mars retrogrades through Sagittarius (9th house of ideas) and into Scorpio again on May 28, where it will remain for the next several months. Scorpio is more intense and deals with 8th house matters-sex, death, taxes and other people's  money along with deep transformation on many levels. Mars will be in one of these two signs until late September.

Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter are also retrograde, and it may seem in some ways things are at a standstill for a while. As I write this post, the energy seems like this to me. Not that things aren't happening and people aren't calling, but the world seems still, peaceful, and reflective. Some things may return from your past whether it is people, situations, or another way of thinking that you have long since forgotten. Of course in our modern world we can't just stop, life keeps moving. But, all in all, this is the time to re-access, re-do, go back and finish what you started, (a great time to do taxes if you filed an extension).  

Much will happen on an inner level, and you can plan for the future and correct things that need to be corrected. Retrograde planets are karmic in nature. In other words, the results of many things will play out during this period as they are supposed to play out, good or bad. Many situations will come to a conclusion, and while things may seem slow, there is a lot going on underneath. It's like watching a flower grow. It starts as a seed and nothing happens for a long time, and then one day there is the bloom.

Jupiter squares Saturn May-23-31 and this is another major transit in the world and our personal lives. While Jupiter rules expansion, Saturn shows us restriction and herein lies the clash. You could feel repressed, or in some way slowed down. This is an important transit, especially if it aspects your personal chart. Things can end on this transit or some things may come together and complete, especially relating to business, job opportunities, and finance, real estate dealings and matters of this kind.

Now, let's look at the transits!
May 1, the Sun sextiles Neptune-positive, good for creativity and creative ideas and psychics. You may experience intuitive insights and vivid dreams.

May 3, the Sun trines Jupiter-overall positive, and easy flow and great for financial matters, dealings with foreign people.

May 6-New Moon at 16 degrees of Taurus, peaking at 3:29PM, EST. Taurus is the true sign of spring and things that begin anew. With all the retrograde planets, it may be more of a time of reflection or beginning old things anew. As this moon conjuncts Venus this is a positive time for romance and social activities, and as it trines Pluto it could be positive for overcoming negative emotional habits, improving domestic conditions, and can infer great determination. Enjoy!

May 7-the Sun trines Pluto, and this can confer courage and determination and the will to accomplish.

May 8, Venus sextiles Neptune-romance could be in the air, and a love of beautiful things. This is intuitive and very pleasant.
Also, the Sun conjuncts Mercury making things a little willful, or some could come from an ego standpoint. Be careful driving and watch your communication, especially as Mercury is retrograde.

May 8, Jupiter turns stationary direct! Situations, projects, money, and sometimes even relationships of all types may start to move forward now especially if this aspects your personal chart.
Jupiter has been retrograde since January 8.  Each year the largest planet in our solar system retrogrades for about 4 months. During this time growth can occur in an inner or more spiritual level.
The period a planet turns stationary direct is generally a very significant and this will be the most precipitous time for implementing (but not yet acting on) long term plans and goals. The first week or two is especially important, and Jupiter is in a stationary retrograde period until it begins to move forward on June 1, when it will pick up speed and the positive Jupiter vibrations will be strong and positive for all of us.

May 10, Venus trines Jupiter-Only so many of these positive transits occur each year and this is great, for love, money, your social life and anything else you want to accomplish today.

May 12, Mercury trines Pluto-positive for communication (which will not be shallow) and getting to the bottom of any situation. This could bring up feelings from the past, and the depths of your subconscious.

May 13, Mercury conjuncts Venus-Great for love, communication and people may seem more affectionate. Good for business as well. Also, Venus trines Pluto making feelings and expression deeper. The potential is a great day.

May 20, the Sun enters Gemini. This is the mutable sign of spring when weather can become more like summer.

May 21, this month's full moon occurs at 1 degree of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion and has domain over the 9th house of travel, ideas and world view.
Sagittarius is a fire sign and this moon conjuncts Mars. Moon-Mars transits can be energetic but watch for accidents.  As the Moon rules women and our emotions, both can be in turmoil. Both the Moon and Mars oppose the Sun both today and the 22nd, and the potential exists for arguments, accidents, burnout, anger and upset. Some situations may end in a blaze of anger if you are not aware.
This is a volatile and explosive full moon, and emotions can turn negative on a dime. As retrograde Mercury squares Jupiter, we could misspeak or someone else could. Make sure you have your facts straight and don't be sloppy in your thinking. Communications can be blown totally out of proportion.
My advice is to strive for harmony, and if there is any chance of conflict, now is not the time to instigate it unless you are prepared for an explosive outcome.

May 22, the Sun opposes Mars-this is a volatile transit and many people may be operating off their ego this day.

May 22, Mercury turns stationary direct at 14 degrees of Sagittarius, and will remain in this position until May 22. The stationary direct period is where changes often occur once again, and while Mercury may be direct it is best to wait until after the 22nd, to begin new action.

May 24, Venus enters Gemini. Love energy changes once again and becomes more intellectual than physical as it was in Taurus. Venus in Gemini does not like to be bored!
Also, Venus opposes Mars, and this is indicative of trouble through the sexes. As this falls within a few days of the full moon, this transit could be somewhat explosive and indicative of breakups if your relationship is troubled. Upsets, jealousies and incompatibility will be common.

May 26, Jupiter squares Saturn, exact.

May 27, Mars reenters Scorpio for the 2nd time this year where it will remain until early August. The 29th degree of any planet is considered critical and it will remain here for the next three days. Mars in Scorpio will re-ignite deep feelings, good or bad, and put our focus on 8th house matters-money, taxes and debt, sex, death (literally or metaphorically) and is considered the most intense of signs.

May 30, Mercury trines Pluto for the third and final time. This is indicative of deep feelings and communication where a great deal can be revealed.


  1. Thank you,these are murky waters and I appreciate your insights

  2. Now I am worried. I have an elective surgery on June 9th! I cannot change it. I am a gemini

  3. On June 9, at least Mercury is direct.