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Monday, November 28, 2016

New Moon in Sagittarius-the luck of the draw

November's new Moon falls at 7.43 degrees of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is ruled by the expansive planet Jupiter, and is the natural ruler of the ninth house of travel, world view, foreign adventure, education and medicine. New Moons typically represent new beginnings or some type of seed being planted for the future.

While Sagittarius is associated with expansion and enthusiasm, this Moon also squares Neptune, the planet of illusion, illusion and confusion.

This can confuse matters, and create misleading scenarios. At times this energy can be tiring and melancholy. On the other hand, it can be dreamy, creative great for readings, and dreams can be vivid and intense.

Venus also squares Uranus and this will also have an effect on this Moon. Venus rules love (our social lives) and money, and Uranus rules the erratic and unpredictable.  

New people you meet on this transit will have to withstand the test of time as Uranus transits can mean you meet someone you know will be significant and they are gone the next day. You may want to something new and different with this transit and it can be a day for something unusual.

In some cases, if other indications in your chart show this, relationships can end as Uranus can mean, 'freedom at any cost,' or it could suddenly change in some way. This would only occur is your relationship is unstable to begin with. Money can also be unpredictable and at times this shows financial swings.