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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November 30-December 2: Celestial hash

November  30, the Sun squares Neptune on top of the New Moon square on November 29. These squares from Neptune are difficult and confusing, and nothing should be taken at face value. 

This energy can be depressing, melancholy, tiring or at times you may discover new information. Often things are not nearly as negative as they may seem. A lack of clarity and sometimes awareness is typical of this energy. Dreams over the next few days may seem unusually vivid.

Neptune creates a fog of confusion that some people may use to their advantage and lying or misrepresenting facts is common as is low energy. Enthusiasm can also be affected. Be careful taking medications on this transit.

Other energies should greatly help the day, however. The Moon's trine to Uranus can be exciting and upbeat and Mars enters into a trine to Jupiter which is positive and exciting and can help with money. It could seem electric to some. Later in the week it also sextiles Saturn giving endurance and stamina to complete important projects.

Overall, this will give us balance to accomplish and see a more positive side of things.

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