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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Capricorn Ingress chart 2016

Mundane astrology is the art of studying the day to day planetary energies. Hundreds of years ago this was the focus of astrologers much more so than individual readings.

One of the tools used in mundane astrology are the ingress charts, particularly the Capricorn and Libra chart. This is used to predict events for various nations. The Sun enters Capricorn December 21, at 5:45 AM, EST, (Washington, DC)  giving us the Capricorn ingress chart which will be good until the Sun enters Aries March 20, 2017. This is also the Winter solstice.

Looking at the chart Mercury is retrograde so we will be backtracking and re-considering many things as a country over the next months. Mercury is conjunct Pluto at 14-16 degrees in Capricorn in the second house of money. Mercury-Pluto transits can be volatile as we saw on December 19, when the Russian Ambassador to Turkey was gunned down and a truck plowed through a Christmas Market in Berlin, killing 9. Mercury-Pluto transits are intense in nature and promote the spread of propaganda, or ideas people want us to believe, good or bad. Mercury-Pluto can often involve young people, the media and strong ideas and opinions. In the second house, the focus will be on money and business.

Mercury is part of a t-square involving Uranus, Jupiter, Mercury and Pluto. A t-square is a difficult configuration pulling us in many different directions. We may wonder how things got to where they did and what we can do to change them.

The ascendant of this chart is 9 degrees of Sagittarius, the sign of ideas and ideals, and ruler of the ninth house of world view. Mars, at 9 degrees of Pisces squares the ascendant creating confusing issues, images and communication. Mars square the ascendant is conflict prone, and rules guns, young men, terrorist attacks, and Mars is in the third house which governs inland transit, communication, roads, disseminating of information, the internet and neighboring nations. Our infrastructure and waterways are at risk through attacks.

In addition to being conflict prone, this shows a continuation of false information, false news, and incorrect information that can include lies and deception. Mars is conjunct Neptune in a wide orb and this is prone to discouragement, false ideas and lack of clarity with a focus on compassion or religion (of all types).

While in the sign Pisces, Mars can relate to religion on many different levels and we will see extremes. We may see extremes relating to the Christianity, ISIS (ISIS consider themselves religious warriors), and any other form of religion. While we will see extremists, we will also be aware of the good in the world and true compassion. Mars here can be a spiritual warrior or a hopeless warrior pushing a hopeless cause.

The Moon lies in the 10th house at 4 degrees of Libra. The Moon rules the common people, and the 10th house rules the government. This shows an unusual interest and uneasiness in the government by the people. No surprise, as this chart covers the inauguration period. But, the Moon squares the Sun, which rules the head of government, or in the US, the President. As the Sun is square the Moon, this shows conflict between the two, but the Sun sextiles Mars, this also shows an energized US President who is supported by males (Mars) more so than females (the Moon).

Many things will be revealed over the next three months with the powerful t-square in Cardinal signs. These revelations will concern money, the government and the people.

Uranus opposes Jupiter in this chart and freedom is a theme. Many unexpected things, good and bad, can occur and in many ways this is considered a gamblers transit, and people will feel this energy.

Jupiter (ruling Republicans) lies in the 10th house of government in opposition to Uranus in the 4th house of the people. The government may take unexpected turns and unexpected actions. This transit can represent impractical idealism, extravagance, and conflict over money, and a desire to do as it pleases with no restraint. It also shows changes in alliances of foreign partners.
Uranus in the 4th house (the people) shows a populace that wants change, sometimes just for the sake of change. Uranus trines Saturn however, and this will give some stability and Jupiter also sextiles Saturn, which is positive as well and the government will be forced to exercise restraint, likely by Democrats (Saturn rules the Democratic party).

In mundane astrology Uranus rules terrorism, rioting and outbreaks of political tension and explosions. It rules the right in terms of political ideas, and as it opposes Jupiter in the 10th shows the potential for major clashes, attacks or riots concerning the government. It also shows the potential for some type of medical or other breakthroughs.

Venus falls in the second house at 15 degrees of Aquarius and Aquarius rules the collective spirit. This shows us a collective interested in money. Venus here, trines Jupiter in the 10th house (government) and shows us the collective expects the government to deliver the goods relating to jobs and money.

This shows a desire (in the collective) of peaceful resolutions, and we will see high profile relationships and marriages, and high profile artistic endeavors. It is positive for creativity and Venus and Jupiter desire peace (and love).

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