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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The power and tragedy of fake news stories

This year has seen the rise of fake news stories, disseminated on the internet and through other sources. Many of these stories have appeared on AOL and Facebook, but they are not limited to these sources and can crop up in many places.

The power of lies spread over electronic media was brought to our doorstep with the weekend story of a North Carolina man who opened fire on a Washington, D.C., pizzeria telling police he took to the restaurant with an assault rifle to “self-investigate” Pizzagate — a fake news story about Hillary Clinton that has made its rounds on the Internet.

The 'Pizzagate' lie was promoted by Michael Flynn (Michael Flynn is Donald Trump's pick for National Security Advisor), due to his tweet and Flynn's son over the weekend, which allegedly led to the 'self investigation' of the North Carolina man who entered the pizzeria with a gun to investigate. Thanks to the work of local law enforcement an even greater tragedy was averted, and for this we can be grateful.

To many of us these fake news stories and conspiracies seem incredulous, and it is hard to believe anyone would think they are real. Some of the stories that have crossed the internet have partial truths and some have no truth whatsoever. While the 'Pizzagate' lie has come to national attention, there have been many more fake stories that are equally bad that continue to be spread.

Astrologically this is related to the Saturn-Neptune square that dominated the skies last year and the greater part of this year. While this transit is separating, the affects of a major transit like this will pay out for months and possibly years to come.

Neptune is very powerful in Pisces. Neptune is the planet of illusion, delusion and confusion. It's square to Saturn has been depressing and confusing and typical manifestations of this transit include lies, propaganda, mistruths and confusion.

While fake news stories may exist for some time to come, it is up to us as thinking individuals to debunk them as opposed to believing in baseless conspiracy theories that generate, lies, confusion, fear and events like we saw this past weekend at Comet Ping Pong Pizza in Washington, DC. 

The next time could be so much worse than this. We have been forewarned.

What can you do to combat fake news stories and the fear and lies they generate?
Use snopes or one of the many other de-bunking sites on the internet, and write or call the sources/outlets of the incorrect story. If they get enough emails, they will listen.

Think rationally at all times as opposed to reactionary. You are an educated individual and all education does not come through higher education. Common sense is at a premium these days.

Realize that because it is a politician or public figure who is spreading or promoting conspiracy theories that does not make it right or true. Individuals who spread these stories often have their own personal agenda. Question any politician or public figure who spreads baseless conspiracy theories and check out their facts yourself. We are not in a time, astrologically speaking where we can afford to blindly follow anyone. And remember, the last time we had a mutable t-square, (as we did this summer) Hitler mislead the German people (and the world) and rose to power in the mid 1930's, as I have written about many times.

Do not become part of the problem by spreading lies or untruths, or unsubstantiated stories on Facebook or any other source. Check your facts and then double check them.

Live an honorable and forthright life yourself, most of all. Enough lies, propaganda and mis-information can endanger the very bedrock of Democracy we hold dear.

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