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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Saturn transits-Life's toughest or best times

We all will have times in life that are more difficult than others, and so many people who call me are facing difficult questions and choices. More often than not, they are dealing with a Saturn transit.

Saturn will affect us all, throughout life. The positive Saturn transits bring stability, success and achievement, as Saturn creates our structure in life.

The 'hard' Saturn transits often bring challenges, disappointments, delays, endings, and in rare cases even sickness and death of those closest to us.

Every two and a half years Saturn changes signs, and moves through a different house in our personal chart. By knowing this we can see where our gains and challenges are going to be over the next several years.

Of course there are other planets that are creating aspects and making transits at the same time, but Saturn transits can be some of the most difficult.

Positive aspects to Saturn build up stability for the future when the harsher transits come, which will occur periodically throughout life. The key is in understanding and learning to deal with them so the worst possible scenario does not play out. There will never be a time Saturn is not active in our charts, good or bad.
Saturn has been called the 'God of Time', the 'taskmaster, the 'Lord of Hell,' to name a few.

Saturn takes thirty years to travel through each house in the natal chart and through each sign in the zodiac. By the time it has moved through each house of your chart you have fully experienced what Saturn will do over each two and a half year cycle.

When Saturn returns to its own natal placement in your personal chart this is called a 'Saturn return.' This transit occurs at age 28-29, 59, and again in the late 80's. A Saturn return always coincides with change, and moving on toward the next phase of life. It typically brings or ushers in important changes.

Generally, when you approach your late forties or fifties you have seen Saturn through each or most houses in your personal chart. At this time, as Saturn moves through each sign again, you have a clear idea what to expect based on past history. Of course, it is never exactly the same as many parts of your chart are always changing, you mature and circumstances change.

If you are experiencing a difficult Saturn transit the thing to remember is that all transits are temporary. While you may experience frustration or disappointment there may be some more positive energy in another part of your chart. An experienced astrologer can tell you exactly how long this period will last and what you can expect.

Harsh Saturn transits bring growth and in some cases we change direction in many different areas or ways. In my experience while we may not have anticipated a change of direction, in the long run it may be the best possible alternative. With growth comes wisdom and stability and knowledge.

When Saturn aspects any planet in your personal chart, another aspect from Saturn to the same planet will re-occur in 7 years. It is important to learn the lessons of Saturn as to not have to repeat them in the future.

Volumes have been written about Saturn and this article barely scratches the surface, but let's take a quick look at what Saturn can do in terms of the aspect it makes to other planets.

Sun-Saturn transits-In positive aspect stability and growth depending on where the Sun lies in your chart. Sometimes relationships stabilize. Harsh transits-delays, health issues, breakups, issues concerning the Father or other males.

Moon-Saturn transits-Issues with women, emotional issues and breakups, sadness and depression in harsh aspect. Positive aspects bring emotional stability, growth through women and personal growth.

Mercury-Saturn transits-Harsh aspects bring negative thinking, harsh communication, depression, issues with vehicles or wrecks, issues around immediate family members or young people, lack of communication. Positive transits bring deep thinking, mental work, interaction among immediate family members.

Venus-Saturn transits-Harsh transits bring loss, money problems, breakups and negative change in social matters. Positive transits can bring stability in relationships, business opportunities and financial gain, marriage.

Saturn-Mars transits-Harsh transits bring breakups, issues with work or health, frustration and anger, slowdowns and stoppages of many types, endings. Positive transits bring success in business and a even and successful flow of activities, relationships.

Saturn-Jupiter transits-Harsh transits bring lack of money and opportunity, legal issues, issues with younger or foreign people, lack of inspiration or a moral crises of some type. Positive transits bring success in legal matters, growth and stability.

Saturn-Saturn transits-Saturn square or opposing Saturn often bring a crisis of some type or a turning point. Positive transits bring stability.

Saturn-Uranus transits-Harsh transits bring unexpected change and upheaval, positive transits bring growth and sometimes a return to situations from the past in some way and growth.

Saturn-Pluto transits-Harsh transits bring worry, power struggles, paranoia and frustration or change. Positive aspects bring deep insight, achievement and success.

Saturn-Neptune transits-Harsh transits bring lack of clarity and inspiration, depression and sometimes lies and deception or a fall from grace in worldly terms. Positive transits bring spiritual insight and clear thinking.

At this time Saturn is currently at 22 degrees of Sagittarius, creating challenging situations for those with planets in Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo. Saturn leaves Sagittarius to enter Capricorn this December.

Where is Saturn currently in your personal chart? I can help you maneuver through this period. 

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