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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

July 17: The clash of Mars and Venus

Monday, July 17, is shaping up to be a significant day astrologically as Mars squares Uranus at 28 degrees of Cancer-Aries and Venus squares Neptune at 14 degrees of Gemini-Pisces.

It is likely you will feel this energy earlier, and the energy will start to lift after it reaches its peak late Monday evening, but the effects may remain for a few days.

Mars rules men and Venus rules women and we are dealing with both, but this can affect many other things depending on where these planets fall in your personal chart.

Mars-Uranus transits can bring unexpected and explosive events, or unexpected twists and turns. Some things can end altogether.
This can produce arguments, accidents and a desire for freedom at any cost. Self centered attitudes can become apparent, or conflict over joint finances or insurance, and this is not the best day to begin or attempt new ventures as it is too unpredictable.

Family members or those closest can be the subject of our ire, or we can be the recipient.

As always on these explosive transits, I recommend self control, awareness of surroundings, and to forgo controversial subjects, and ultimatums at this time.

Venus is square Neptune and while at times this can be a romantic day, Neptune is the planet of illusion, delusion and confusion.
Relationships of all types may be confused or it can even lead to self delusion. Issues with money may be confusing and this is not the day for important financial matters. Sometimes Neptune transits reveal things for what they are and

If you have an issue in a relationship I would wait a few days to sort it out as confusion and a desire to break free may rule the day. But, this would only happen if your relationship is tottering on the edge.

Use caution while driving.

As always these transits will play out in the world, and we could see explosive and shocking events. Issues won't be clear and  there may be those who try and pull the wool over our eyes.

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