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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Venus opposes Saturn: love pains

Venus opposes Saturn and this transit will be exact July 24, at 10:53 AM,  on the heels of the New moon in Leo.  We will start to feel this energy sooner, and it may continue after the transit is exact.

Venus and Saturn energies don't blend well. Venus rules love and money and Saturn typically represents restriction. Some relationships will end under this transit, but it would only be those who are tottering on the edge or are unstable.  Some may feel financial pressure.

Don't let melancholy or lonely feelings pull you down and seek other things instead. This is not the day to let your heart rule your world, or to take negative feelings seriously. It may seem harder to express yourself, or others may not respond as you would hope. If others don't respond as you hope, remember they are feeling the effects of this transit as well, and personal expressions of love may not bode well today.

It's a good day to clean out closets and exercise! This is not the best day for financial transactions or important business dealings, but this transit will move on quickly.

This is a day for 'tough love.' What I mean by this is Venus-Saturn transits test relationships. Maybe this is a day your significant other does not appear very attractive- if you are in a committed relationship you realize that every day is not a banner day for romance. Or this could be a day you have to accompany someone to surgery or to a Dr.or a gathering you would rather avoid.  If the person is significant in your life you will do what you have to do. Otherwise, it's not a significant and real relationship!

If you can get through your normal daily activities with no problems, consider that you have done well.

As always this transit will play out collectively. We could hear news of finance, women and endings. As Saturn is in Sagittarius we would hear major political news.

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