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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Mars, Uranus and Venus form a T-square: Upheaval and change

A T-square forms the week of September 9, involving Venus, Uranus and Mars. It is a complex transit and the results will be change in many areas of life, the potential of attacks personally and in the world, relationship changes, and money/finances can be impacted as well.

A t-square is an astrological pattern that involves three planets and includes an opposition (difficult transit involving other individuals or oppositional forces) and two squares (obstacles). These transits inevitably bring change through difficulty as opposed to ease, and many situations reach a peak during these times.

In this case the T-square involves Venus (women, money and values), Mars (men, action, aggression) and Uranus (unpredictable or unexpected change), and Uranus is considered the planet of rebellion, and there is an urge to break free of something.

September 9, Venus enters Scorpio where it is considered at its detriment. When Venus or any other sign in its detriment, this means it is challenged to learn and refine the energies symbolized by that planet. Additionally, Venus will have entered it's shadow period of the retrograde (Venus retrogrades October 5-November 17) This will make aspects to Venus very powerful.

Mars re-enters Aquarius September 11, and this creates a t-square with Venus and Uranus.

At this point Venus is opposing Uranus, square Mars, and Mars is square Uranus!

The peak of this energy occurs between the 10th-14th of September, but the energies will be with us all month.

As Uranus is involves events will unfold suddenly and unpredictably. Mars is in the sign ruled by Uranus, which concerns freedom.

We may well see violence, upheaval, and unexpected change. Some relationships and alliances will end, other will form, most of it unexpected.

My advice is to give people a wide berth, and avoid explosive or controversial subjects. That said, many things will still change. In our personal lives we can experience sudden and abrupt change, or a desire to break free of some situation that has seemingly held us back whether it is a job, relationship or something else. Uranus is often called the planet of 'freedom at any cost."
Mars squared Uranus May 17-21, and again the first week of August. We saw many events and situations change during these times.

Many events will play out on the world stage involving politics, scandals, new and old alliances and potentially the financial markets. Expect anger in the world and this is a dangerous time. We could also see disastrous earth related events such as volcanoes and the like, accidents or airplane crashes.
If you have fixed planets (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) in your chart at 0-3 degrees, you will be affected more than others.

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