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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Uranus/Venus square the lunar nodes: A date with destiny

Uranus retrograded back to 29 degrees of Aries November 6, and the transiting lunar nodes are in a major clash with the planet of change (Uranus) throughout the end of 2018. The nodes are points (not planets) where the Moon crosses the path of the Sun, and are typically associated with human evolution or the souls journey in the collective, and in our personal lives as well.

With a clash like this, especially involving Uranus, change is inevitable as I pointed out in  Monday's blog, about the midterm elections, and my article about Uranus'sretrograde back into Aries.

On November 6, more women took office during mid-term elections than any other time in history. These women include Muslims, native Americans and LGBT candidates.

This was shown in the sky by retrograde Venus in Libra, which became part of the current t- square (clash) between the North Node of destiny, Uranus and Venus. Change with women was inevitable.

Retrograde Venus causes us to go back and re-access our values. Venus in Libra likes a softer tone than what we have seen as of late, and the conclusion was inevitable.

Of course, change is hardly limited to politics, and will bring about other types of change in the world and our personal lives before it is over.

Uranus can rock us out of our normal patterns and boundaries. It may not all be smooth sailing, but it will definitely be interesting, and there is no doubt we have entered into historic times we will all long remember. May the change we all experience be positive change for the better!

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