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Monday, February 3, 2020

Full moon in Leo: Party time and political theater!

I have called this blog party time and political theater because this is exactly what we will see this week in our lives and on the world stage.

The full moon in Leo falls Saturday night in the wee hours of the morning.  Leo rules the 5th house of love, fun and entertainment (as well as children). This looks like a weekend to get out with friends, lovers, or whoever you connect with.

This moon makes no negative aspects, but it does oppose the Sun, which means emotions can build to the point where something must be released. The Sun opposes the Moon on every full moon, however.

Leo likes to do things in grand style. This includes flashy clothing, hairstyles and makeup, grand gestures of some kind and the like. Leo is all about drama, which brings us to the downside. As Leo likes attention people will be more desirous of being noticed. Those who don’t feel noticed, taken for granted or get overly sensitive are likely to express their displeasure, in a way you will notice especially as the moon energy is building Saturday night and emotions are being amped up.

All in all though, it looks like a weekend for fun. Expect restaurants, bars and nightclubs to be overflowing.

On the world stage we will see grandstanding and political theater designed to put on a show which will have little to do with reality. This is what this sign is about as Leo rules the stage and theater and must have the attention it sees as it’s due. In the US natal chart this moon opposes the US Moon which means the population will be stirred up.

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