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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Venus squares Saturn-Pluto: Letting go of emotional baggage

Venus is approaching a square to Pluto and Saturn that will be exact on February 28thand March 3rd. We will feel the energies of these transits before they are exact and a few days after.

Venus rules money, women, love, our social lives and personal values. Its square to Pluto will end some relationships, but only if they are tottering on the edge anyway. It could bring up issues in many relationships but it will not end a relationship that is on solid footing. It can be a chance to clear out negative baggage in a relationship if you can steer clear of guilt, blame and manipulation, which this transit often lends itself toward. This may not be the time to bring up contentious issues.

Venus square Pluto tends to bring up deep seated issues, especially in relationships pertaining to sex, lack of trust, personal insecurities and money. It is obsessive in nature and at times previously unknown information can be revealed. Now is the time to take the high road in all matters pertaining to relationships, love and money, as the dark side if this transit can become very ugly.

Pluto deals with things that are dark and hidden in our own psyche, and if the energy is left unchecked fears, anxieties and compulsions can play out at this time. Remember this is just energy and it can be directed to more positive outlets.

At times like this we could hear from those connected with our past, or re-live traumatic events, breakups and other negative aspects of past relationships. Now is the time to make an effort to clear these thoughts and issues and it can be a chance to let go of negative emotional baggage for good.

This transit can be indicative of domestic violence as a worst case scenario.  Date rape, abuse and obsessive jealousy describes this transit at its worst.

Venus squares Saturn in Capricorn March 3, at 28 degrees of Aries. Venus-Saturn transits relate to issues and potential endings in relationships, money or other social relationships.

If you have been looking at a troubled relationship through rose colored glasses, they will likely come off at this time. Saturn is the planet of reality and it will clash with the planet of love.

Venus square Saturn can make us feel lonely, rejected or isolated. Sometimes this coincides with unpleasant circumstances we would prefer to avoid but can't, such as a loved one having surgery (or something else). In cases like this we just plug on and know the transit will pass shortly.

This is not a positive transit for financial matters, and it can also affect friendships, social circumstances and other matters depending on where it falls in your personal chart.

This transit will deal with some dark issues in the world. Venus-Pluto is indicative of sex, bullies and violence against women. It is a fitting transit descriptive of Harvey Weinstein’s guilty verdict and we will likely hear more. As Venus rules money, we have seen 2 days and nearly 2,000 points lost at the time of this post in the US Stock market, and there could be more. Expect more scandals, news concerning women, women’s health issues and finance. It is likely we will hear of more deaths connected to the Coronavirus.

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