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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Jupiter sextiles Neptune: Blinded by the light

Jupiter sextiles Neptune at 17 degrees of Pisces-Capricorn, and the transit is exact or at its peak February 20.
This is creative, pleasant energy that can be directed toward any type of venture but especially those involving creativity, spirituality and compassion. You could feel more in tune with yourself or even intuitive at this time and dreams could be vivid. You could feel inspired to follow a dream or pursue a cause. There is a compassionate and spiritual nature to this energy and things may seem to flow easily.
The down side of this energy believing in things that are not true, laziness, self deception or believing everything you hear. The propaganda campaigns that are rampant at this time may get a boost from this energy and convince people of things that are simply made up for political or divisive purposes. This will not be helped by Mercury’s retrograde in Pisces.
Pisces-Neptune rule contagious diseases and we will continue to see the spread of the corona virus, and this will be exacerbated with Mercury retrograde in Pisces as well.
We could also see water related weather conditions.
Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in solid Capricorn can help us keep our footing at this time. Mars is exalted in the sign Capricorn which gives added importance and making it very powerful.
Regardless of how you feel, very little will be clear at this time with Mercury’s retrograde in Pisces. Use this energy for re-doing, planning and re-accessing, not starting anything new, as true clarity is not there, especially with Mercury conjunct Neptune. Clarity will come, but this is about 3 weeks down the road when Mercury turns direct.

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