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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Getting ahead of retrograde Mercury!

Mercury turns retrograde February 16, at 7:54 PM, EST. It began its shadow period February 2, which means energy started to shift at this time.

Mercury retrogrades in Pisces, ruled by Neptune the planet of confusion, delusion and lack of clarity. This means thinking and speech are going to be foggy, we may be forgetful, daydream to much and things overall can seem confusing during these several weeks. Things may also appear worse than what they really are. Dreams can become very vivid with this retrograde.

Now is the time to complete what you can, do any shopping or make major decisions as retrograde Mercury is about re-doing, re-thinking and planning. It is part of the natural cycle of life when things often seem to slow down. It is better to flow with the energy rather than fight against it.

Mercury retrograde is not the time to sign contracts, start new projects, buy computers, cars or big ticket items if this can be avoided. If you start something significant at this time, it will change in some way in the future, or you could be dissatisfied with the result.

At times during retrograde, information we need comes to light, good or bad.  Also, this is a time we frequently hear from those from our past, and think about the past.
In terms of relationships, many things can change depending on the status of the relationship. If your relationship is sound there should be little affect. If it is tottering on the edge, sometime relationships end, but they can also get back together at this time. I believe there is a deep karma connected to the retrograde cycle of Mercury.

The stationary retrograde period and just before is when glitches, breakdowns and changes often occur. This period begins when Mercury stops moving forward on February 14-21st.  It will occur again March 8-14th.

Mercury retrogrades back into the sign Aquarius on March 8th. Aquarius rules the public, friends and groups. Mercury in this sign may not be as foggy. The planet of communication turns direct March 10th,  at 28 degrees of Aquarius.

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