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Monday, February 3, 2020

Venus enters Aries

Venus enters Aries February 7th which puts it in Mar’s sign. This means love energy will be more energetic, direct and exciting. We will feel more passionate and action oriented toward those we love, and those we are interested in getting to know.

Venus in Aries makes us bolder or in some cases even impatient when it comes to love. Aries likes to live in the moment rather than the past or the future.

Aires energy (like Aries people) can be quite blunt. If you meet someone while Venus is in Aries, in all likelihood they will want to move on the relationship immediately without wasting time. This energy can be fresh and exhilarating and a major change from Venus in Pisces over the past month.

Aries energy is enthusiastic and upbeat, and Aries does like the chase. Aries energy does not work well with those who like to cling, and neither does suspicion and jealousy. Be bold and direct over this next month and you may surprise yourself, as well as others.

Venus in Aries will work especially well for fire and air signs.

February 28, Venus in Aries will meet up with Pluto. When these two planets clash some very intense feelings may surface. This transit tends toward obsessiveness , manipulative behaviors and issues surrounding sex, or control.. The root of the problem could go back to personal insecurity or deeply buried emotional pain and fear. At this time unresolved issues may arise, but if both individuals are mature it can be a turning point and the relationship can become stronger. On the other hand, some relationships may end, but only if it is unhealthy and tottering on the edge anyway.


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