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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Full moon in Pisces: Real or not?

When the Harvest Moon occurs in October close to the autumn equinox, September’s moon is called the ‘Corn Moon.’ The full moon lunar peak for September occurs at 1:22 AM, EDT September 2, at 10 degrees of Pisces.

The Full Moon in Pisces has great sensitivity and perception. This energy can however, create insecurity and make things seem worse than what they really are or alternatively you can benefit from the creativity or spirituality that is also associated with the sign. For some this can be a magical or other-worldly type of energy and for others it may bring up deep seated issues that can relate to emotionalism and endings.
Pisces rules the 12th house of the zodiac or the segment of the chart that concerns endings, hospitals, places of confinement and our subconscious thought. The 12th house can also be associated with things that are secret and hidden that are revealed at this time. Pisces/Neptune has a tendency toward bringing up information that was previously hidden and the revelations can be deeply emotional. Sometimes the dream can even die.

The planetary rulers of the sign Pisces are Neptune and Jupiter. Neptune is the planet associated with delusion, confusion and illusion or lies along with dreams, psychic experiences, creativity and drugs.  Neptune can be a double edged sword and you can soar to the moon or sink to the lowest depths. Jupiter is the planet of gain and expansion and it increases whatever it touches for the better or worst. With this moon our judgment may also be clouded. It will be a thin line to walk between your perceptions which will be heightened and your sense of what is real and what is not real.
The Sun’s opposition to the Moon can bring family, home and intimate relationships into focus. Opposing forces such as what you want, balanced against what you have can drain your energies at this time if you are not careful.

The Moon’s sextile to Uranus can bring about sudden and unexpected situations, especially relating to women, or new ways of approaching things. As the Sun also trines Uranus we may look at new ways of approaching old problems.

The most significant energies connected to this moon are associated with the Cardinal t-square between Mars in Aries, Venus in Cancer and Pluto-Saturn in Capricorn. A t-square is a stressful aspect that pulls in the energies of all planets involved.

Venus opposing Saturn can be difficult for love, expressing your feelings or social events. Some people can feel lonely, unloved or unlovable, and some relationships may end at this time, but typically it would be those that are tottering on the edge and are not stable. This can also be a transit indicative of financial issues. Venus square Mars can create an interest in romance but it is frequently based on the physical rather than an emotional connection. This can also indicate jealousy and emotional issues between the sexes.

Mars square Saturn is typically indicative of blocks and frustration. At this time and especially the few days before most people will experience a block somewhere in their lives.

Mercury in Virgo may come to the rescue however as Virgo is a stable and grounded sign. As the planet of communication meets up with Saturn this will give us the ability to discern what we need to know and look at things in a more practical and rounded way.

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