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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Serving up heavenly hash: fun, friends, confusion and delusion

Over the weekend of August 16, Venus moves closer to Jupiter, becoming exact August 18, at 1:21 A.M. at 7 degrees of Leo in the early morning hours. Venus-Jupiter is typically an exuberant, upbeat and fun transit, especially in Leo, and especially if it aspects something in your personal natal chart. Venus and Jupiter in Leo can be a great moment in time for love affairs, friends, fun, overindulgences of all kinds and it may be hard to focus on work. People overall, may be in a mood for fun, entertainment and good times. If it falls just right in your natal chart, it could be one of your best days or you could meet someone new.

Also on August 18, Mercury, having just entered Virgo on  August 15, the most critical of signs, opposes Neptune at 6 degrees of Virgo-Pisces at 11:42 P.M. Monday. This is a confusing and discouraging, not to mention tiring transit indicative of confusion, lies and delusion. So, the morale of this story is have fun, but don't take things too seriously. If someone says something unexpected or you meet someone new on this day, let time tell the tale as to whether or not you can trust what happens and don't take it too seriously until time proves it correct. It will all come out in the wash, as they say.

So, enjoy the weekend and you may reconsider some things by Monday afternoon, or if you have had too much fun, you could pay the piper at the start of the work week.

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