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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Virgo new moon: Desperately seeking sagacity

Sagacity is described as  acuteness of mental discernment and soundness of judgment, and we may be in need of this quality as this month's new moon in Virgo opposes Neptune.

The August new moon falls at 2 degrees of Virgo August 25, at 10:13 A.M., EST, opposing Neptune at 6 degrees of Pisces.
Moon-Neptune transits often cloud issues, contribute to confusion, misplaced sympathy, hypersensitivity, subconscious hangups often come to the fore, psychological withdrawal, evasion and overindulgence in food, drink and subconscious, impractical ideas, confusing relationships with women, and general listlessness can be some of the experiences of this transit.
On the other hand we can experience deja vu  types of experiences, psychic experiences, extreme creativity depending on what else is being aspected in your chart, and this transit is indicative of helping those less fortunate in whatever capacity.
Virgo is the natural ruler of the sixth house of work and health and to some extent we will all be engrossed in these matters.
Like any other transit you will be more or less affected depending on what else is in your natal chart. If you have mutable planets (Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini, Virgo) at 1-7 degrees of any of the above signs Neptune is conjucnt, square or opposing something in your chart at this time and this new moon can set off events of significance. What comes to mind are my numerous clients/individuals with Neptune in the early degrees of Sagittarius, born late 1970-74, or Pluto in the early degrees of Virgo born late 1958-61, just to mention a few.
The important thing to remember about any Neptune transit is to let events stand the test of time, and what seems real at the time, may just be a confusing situation. Then again, sometimes things and situations are revealed on Neptune transits.
If Mercury opposing Neptune affected you on August 18, (or a day before or after) and you remember significant events on this day this moon may impact your chart as will the Sun's entrance into Virgo on August 23-24.
It is likely we will see weather related situations and conditions around this time.
Add to this mix the energy of Mars conjunct Saturn, becoming exact on the same day and you have a recipe for frustration, a slow burn and anger. Mars-Saturn transits relate to frustrated desires for action, anger, suppressed anger, harshness and a heavy work load. Try and direct this transit toward work and you will accomplish a great deal. This will affect your chart is your have planets in Taurus, Scorpio, Leo or Aquarius at 14-17 degrees.
Mars-Saturn transits relate to police and military action and we will see eruptions in the hot spots around the globe and there is a good chance for more upheaval in Ferguson, MO.
I always advise my clients to go toward the positive energy of any situation and while this new moon may be difficult for some, Venus trines Uranus on this day and now is the time to look for new solutions to old problems.
'Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars.' The late Casey Kasem

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