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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Venus, Mars and Saturn: what shape is your relationship in?

Venus squares Saturn at 17 degrees Scorpio-Leo  becoming exact August 26, at 2:22 P.M., EST. This is not a good time to plan social events, and love affairs may be lacking in love and passion. This is a basically negative transit concerning love and money, especially if it aspects your personal chart. Astrologer Dr. Herber Smith wrote, " This is decidedly a nasty one. Plan nothing social for the time. You are likely to expect too much of your friends and may feel somewhat dull, unhappy or slighted and get your precious feelings hurt. If you are disposed to be jealous now is the time for the exhibition of this charming trait and misunderstandings, grouches, sensitiveness, wounded feelings, tragedies constructed out of vague imaginings, slight will not be so nice to you so smile and be a sport if it kills you."

Mars crosses Saturn August 26, but the influence will still be prominent in the sky for a few days. Mars-Saturn transits tend to stall, end or delay situations and the combination of Mars and Saturn can seem cruel and frustrating.

August 27, Mars squares Venus and this is indicative of trouble with the opposite sex (and others) Mars-Venus transits often relate to sex, but it can be physical attraction only. This transit can go either way in your social life, but if it is aspecting your personal chart, it can be significant, and may give you an idea of how sound your relationship really is.

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