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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Neptune transits: Distorted minds-questionable truths

Between now and June 2-3, the Sun, Mercury and Mars (and finally the full moon of June 2) will all square Neptune.  As these are the fast moving planets the effects won't last weeks or months like the upcoming Neptune-Saturn square in the late fall, but they will have an effect, and perhaps more importantly we will get a taste and a glimpse of what the upcoming Saturn-

Neptune square will bring late this year, which will be of a lengthier duration and more significant, so pay attention to these dates.

Neptune is currently transiting through Pisces, where it is very powerful, and in its natural placement. Neptune-Pisces rules dreams, religion, pseudo or false religions such as ISIS, drugs and alcohol, creativity, lies and deception, self deception, psychics, and the ocean to name just a few. Neptune in this placement is at its most spiritual and psychic, but it also shows us a lot of people in distress around the world.

When the fast moving planets aspect Neptune we may experience lack of clarity, theft, self deception, lies, confusion, depression, discouragement, tiredness, substance abuse (if applicable), and vivid dreams. At times these upcoming aspects can reveal previously unknown situations. Suspicion may be the theme of the moment, one way or another.

At times Neptune transits can improve our intuition, or cause us to feel compassion for others, or it can manifest itself as a spiritual awakening but it is generally the former, as opposed to the latter. My advice is to go with compassion, creativity and spiritual awakenings as much as possible.
As Mercury is also retrograde in Gemini we need to be on our toes in terms of miss-communication, false communication, and believing the worst without the facts. We need to be careful  driving and traveling and watch out pets as Mercury rules animals (and young people).

As the fast moving planets are in Gemini we will experience our difficulties in the realm of thinking and communicating, or speech, relatives, pets and travel, or young people.

These transits will aspect your personal chart if you have planets in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces at 6-11 degrees. Otherwise, you will still feel the influence but not as strongly.

On May 25 (and the few days before and after) Mars squares Neptune at 9 degrees of Gemini/Pisces. This is a lethargic transit, and we may feel tired, drained or weak and unmotivated. This transit produces fragile egos, as Mars rules the ego, and Neptune is ego-less. Question everything you hear, it may not be correct. Suspicions may be rampant as well as lies and untruths. The best use of this energy is helping others, spiritual or creative practices and/or meditation. Don't be surprised if you have vivid dreams you can recall.
Also May 25, Venus squares Uranus, and this is prone to unexpected situations, good or bad. The day may not go as planned and love relationships can be good or bad. Either way, it's typical Uranus: unpredictable. Try something different today.

May 29, Mercury squares Neptune. Communication may become difficult or hard to understand, or miss-understood. This can be mentally discouraging and confusing, and this is not a day for important conversations. Use caution while driving or traveling. This transit will reoccur on June 22-23 as Mercury once again is direct.

May 31, the Sun squares Neptune and this is another debilitating transit. You could feel tired, or run down and energy will be low. As this precedes the full moon there could be some debilitating news, or something could be revealed at this time.

June 2, This month's full moon occurs at 12:19 P.M., est at 11 degrees of Sagittarius, and it is square Neptune.  Sagittarius energy can blow things out of proportion and as it squares Neptune information may be hard to figure out, or incorrect. As this moon opposes Mercury and Mars tempers can fly, and there can be much mis-direction, confusion or out and out lies at its worst. Small mistakes can be blown up to explosive proportions. Best to keep your perspective and wait for this energy to pass.

In the world, we may see water related weather conditions or hear news connected with water, or the oceans. We could also hear news of religion, or those who purport to be religious and aren't. This is scandal prone and we could hear news of this type. It can also be connected with gas or oil, or chemical weapons and pockets of disenfranchised people. We could hear news of same sex relationships. Accidents may occur. The truth may be hard to discern.

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